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4 Advantages of CNC Machining over the Conventional Machining Method

Due to modern advances in technology, it’s fair to say that CNC machine tools are preferred over conventional machining methods. CNC machinery has more advantages than conventional machinery because it offers a more accurate result.

With CNC machinery, you needn’t worry about the maintenance because there’s little down time, giving you the opportunity to save time as well as money.

Here are 5 of the most important benefits associated with CNC machining:

  1. Experience and skills are no longer needed

Stoney CNC has developed a range of CNC machines, saving you the time of hiring experienced employees! The CNC machine will eliminate any human errors and will perform significantly quicker than any person could cut designs by hand.

Like an employee, the machine has to be regularly updated to ensure that it works to the best of its ability. To use a Stoney CNC milling machine, you’ll require trained staff to operate the machinery.

  1. Cheaper labour costs

Conventional machining methods are more straining for businesses, they require a greater workforce in order to complete tasks to meet deadlines. Producing designs by hand is intricate and highly skilful, however, it’s extremely time-consuming and costly.

For conventional machining, an abundance of knowledge and expertise is required, otherwise, the designs won’t offer the high standard that we pride ourselves in delivering, here at Stoney CNC.

Alternatively, our CNC machining could result in you hiring fewer workers, saving money on employee wages.

  1. Greater productivity

With a CNC milling machine, we guarantee you’ll be able to produce more designs quicker, without compromising quality. Some designs are extremely complicated when they’re drawn and cut by hand, it goes without saying that this requires an immense amount of skill and expertise.

Thanks to our team of experts, Stoney CNC have introduced the CNC machine tools to improve the overall functionality, your business will be able to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and requirements!

  1. Repeat designs and products

Stoney CNC understands the level of skill associated with producing the same products over and over again, hence where our CNC machine comes in handy! A conventional machine was advantageous if you only had to create one product, however, with increasing demands it’s much easier to programme one of our CNC machines to create the same products consistently.

For smooth, reliable production of products, consider our Mill-It-Mini within the CNC milling machine range, or if this isn’t big enough why not choose our Mill-It Mega machine!

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