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7 Things to look for when choosing a CNC machining supplier

If you’re looking to choose a CNC supplier you can trust, you needn’t look any further than Stoney CNC!

  1. Do your research

Before you make any final decisions, we suggest you look at a range of suppliers, getting a rough idea of what product is right for you. Find out how the products are priced – you want to receive excellent value for money! If the prices are reasonable, you might want to discover what technology the machining supplier is using. Take our Large Format CNC Systems, for instance. This piece of equipment is extremely useful for mass-production. If you want to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with our equipment. This system does exactly what it states, producing large scale designs that are detailed and eye-catching.

  1. Address the areas you want to target

You’ll want to make sure that the supplier uses the materials you specifically want to be used. When choosing a CNC machining supplier, it’s advisable that you question their understandings, do they know exactly what you’re looking for and is it something they have available? For us at Stoney CNC, we tick all the boxes. We have a range of products available, including the Step Craft CNC system and Mill-it Range, these offer suitability to an array of needs and wants.

  1. Does the supplier match your criteria?

If you’ve established whether the supplier has the capability and understanding of what you’re looking to achieve, you should consider finding out what in-house services the supplier has to offer- these may be useful for you! Any decisions that have been made prior to this stage are not set in stone, if you’re not completely satisfied, you don’t need to go ahead with anything!

However, we consider ourselves to be focused on customer services at Stoney CNC. We have connections with many different clients who have different CNC machinery, allowing us to meet your diverse needs and requirements!

  1. Has the supplier got knowledge and expertise?

When it comes to knowledge and expertise, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our professionals. We have a wealth of expertise and encourage you to seek any advice and guidance that you may require! We demonstrate our extensive knowledge by offering a wide range of products that are tailored to various demands. All of our CNC systems offer precision, however, we have specific products that have been designed especially for the purpose of creating an accurate result!


  1. Design

Regardless of whether you create your own designs, we can make improvements to the overall appearance of your prints. We advise you look for a supplier who has the specialism in design and machining. Look no further! At Stoney CNC, we combine both factors to provide our customers with the best service possible; you’re in capable hands.

  1. Value

Are you looking for affordable CNC machinery and tools? Obviously, we are biased but we provide fair prices for our products, guaranteeing you receive exactly what you want. Sometimes, suppliers misinterpret prints, generating dissatisfaction- however at Stoney CNC, we go out of our way to ensure we create the print that you designed in the first instance, and if we feel necessary, we contact you to discuss any potential improvements or problems- we don’t alter anything without your say so.

  1. Functionality

At Stoney CNC, we recommend you don’t decide merely on the basis of the supplier’s reputation- why not come and see how our equipment works? At least this way you can grasp a concept for the way our products perform and how efficient they are.


If you require a demonstration or any further guidance, call us today!

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