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AXIOM AR series small format CNC router systems
  • Aluminium Tslot table and MDF spoil board fitted
  • Vacuum table systems available
  • Stiff steel core carcass frame
  • Cast up-stands rigid and aligned by design
  • Inductive proximity sensors on XY and Z
  • Ballscrew drives on XY and Z
  • Supported linear rails on XY and Z
  • Full robust cable management system on XY and Z
  • Industrial controller fully supported on UCCNC
  • Ethernet connectivity between machine and control PC
  • 5000mm/min XY travel rapid feed
  • Industrial electrical connections between machine and controller
  • Offered with KRESS or high powered AXIOM HF spindle
  • Travel sizes | 610mm x 610mm | 915mm | 1220mm
  • Click Here for more specifics on the machine features
AXIOM fully supported on the UCCNC controller

At STONEYCNC we have extensive field experience with the UCCNC controller supplied to a vast range of application areas and clients. Order your UCCNC ready AXIOM today!

  • Real time feedback of machine position to minimise mistakes
  • Unmatched graphical user feedback to the operator
  • Driver certification on windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Compatibility with a range of common CAM packages
  • Very intuitive operation for fast learning
  • UCCNC controller can support laser engraving systems
  • The UCCNC is fully future proofing your learning
  • All our CNC systems run on the UCCNC controller
  • Click Here for more specifics on the AXIOM UCCNC setup
Travel in X axis 610mm
Travel in Y axis AR4 = 610mm | AR6 = 915mm | 1220mm
Travel in Z axis 153mm
Overall footprint AR4 = 995L x 950W x 770H (mm)
AR6 = 1300L x 950W x 770H (mm)
AR8 = 1600L x 950W x 770H (mm)
Dimensions when shipped crated AR4 = 1070 x 990 x 840 (mm)
AR6 = 1347 x 990 x 840 (mm)
AR8 = 1651 x 990 x 840 (mm)
Machine weights AR4 = 120 kg
AR6 = 135 kg
AR8 = 150 kg
Bottom of collet to Tslot table height 165mm
Rapid Feed rate 5000mm/min (83mm/sec) in XY
2000mm/min (33mm/sec) in Z
Spindle Options High power water cooled HF spindle | Single phase KRESS spindle
Software Compatibility Ethernet controller running UCCNC software
Drive system Electronics high power stepper motors
Limit and homing sensors Inductive sensors running on 12V DC on XY and Z
Drive system 16mm Ballscrew drives on XY and Z
Thrust support Double angle contact bearings preloaded at thrust end of ballscrew support
Linear motion system Profiled linear rails on all axes.
Cable management Full cable management on all axes
Core components Steel base | Cast Y cross member and up stands | Custom Aluminium extrusion bridge
Machine bed Tslot table with integrated MDF spoil-board as standard
Tool lenght sensing Configured for conductive tool touch off sensing
STONEYCNC after sales service
  • As an official OEM partner with the UCCNC developers we feel at STONEYCNC that a CNC system is far more approachable and easier to use when running on the UCCNC controller
  • The reliability of the AXIOM CNC and the UCCNC controller are the perfect match!
  • At STONEYCNC we have an acute focus of customer service and support that is continuously evolving based on feedback from the field where our machines are working daily
  • The strength of our relationship with the UCCNC developers, together with the reliability of their motion controllers has been the key to providing exceptionally reliable CNC systems that are easy to use
  • An AXIOM CNC system running on the UCCNC controller is running on years of our teams experience in supplying and supporting UCCNC controlled CNC routing systems
  • Every system we supply runs on the UCCNC controller and you are future proofing your investment for future upgrades
  • We can remote login and reconfigure any AXIOM CNC system in less than 30minutes should you have any issues with your PC