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AXIOM AR SF Features

Tslot Aluminium table
  • Table fitted with MDF spoil board allowing every second Tslot to be utilised and still gives a versatile spoil board surface in between Tslots
  • The Tslot table and MDF spoilboard provide a very quick and easy clamping system
  • The thick Tslot table together with the steel frame make for a very stable machine
Steel Frame
  • Mounting flanges on each corner for anti vibration feed to be fitted
  • System is modular and fits directly onto the AXIOM steel base bench
  • By design the steel frame houses and encapsulates the Y axis and main cable looms
Strong lightweight cast upstands
  • By design the upstands facilitate machine assembly to high accuracy
  • Datum surfaces for the thrust conditions of the ballscrews fully integrated
  • The structures house and encapsulate the cables
  • Removable covers on the outside face makes the machine very easy to work on / upgrade etc
16mm Ballscrews on XY and Z
  • Sealed ballnuts with integrated greasing nipple for easy service
  • Ballscrews are the most efficient way to drive a CNC router
  • All axes are within 0.05mm repeatability
  • The end conditions are double angle contact thrust bearings for maximum strength
LInear rails
  • Prismatic rail surfaces
  • Recirculating ball elements between rail and rolling blocks
  • Supported linear tails are exceptionally stiff in all directions except the direction of travel
  • Very low friction in the direction of motion for maximum machine stiffness without compromising drive efficiency
  • Significantly enhanced linear tracking accuracy
Cable management
  • By design all cables are managed and protected on XY and Z axes
  • Cable chains are large to allow future upgrade of additional cables if needed
  • Wide corner radius on cables to maximise cable life
  • Machines pre-wired for conductive touch off sensing and 4th axis operation
  • Fully protected under the machine frame
Industrial integrated cable connectors
  • Two heavy duty locking connectors for the power and signals
  • Easily disconnect the machine from the controller
  • Protected against incorrectly plugging in the wrong way around
  • Main loom pre-wired for conductive touch off and 4th axis capacity
  • Robust and industrial cables and connectors
Conductive touch off sensor
  • Automated conductive touch of tool
  • Plugs into the side of the gantry
  • simply place under cutter and probe. The z height is set automatically
  • Very quick tool changed and Z setting is possible
  • Eliminate depth related mistakes
UCCNC controller

At STONEYCNC we have extensive field experience with the UCCNC controller supplied to a vast range of application areas and clients. Order your UCCNC ready AXIOM today!

  • Real time feedback of machine position to minimise mistakes
  • Unmatched graphical user feedback to the operator
  • Driver certification on windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Compatibility with a range of common CAM packages
  • Very intuitive operation for fast learning
  • UCCNC controller can support laser engraving systems
  • The UCCNC is fully future proofing your learning
  • All our CNC systems run on the UCCNC controller