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Plywood detailed 3D inlay with AXIOM CNC router
  • Larger letters giving deeper 3D inlay
  • Vcarve used to generate detailed inlay Gcode
  • Detailed 3D file all generated from vectors automatically
  • Plywood sign then cut out from stock with end mill
AXIOM AR SF features video
  • AXIOM AR SF stiff steel frame
  • Rigid cast upstands
  • Ballscrew drives
  • Fully integrated cable management
  • Supported linear rails on XY and Z
  • Tslot and integrated MDF sacrificial layer
  • Anodised toe clamps
  • Ethernet UCCNC controller
  • Real time view of the software on the screen
Opal discs machined on the AXIOM CNC router
  • 3mm opal discs machined on AXIOM CNC router
  • Used for backing adaptor for light fitting
  • DXF from light fitting geometry
  • Bevel edge machined before cutout for optimal visual appearance
Birch plywood spice rack
  • Birch plywood spice rack machined on the AXIOM CNC router
  • CAD assembly drawn in 3D
  • 2D parts exported to DXF files
  • DXf files machined from 15mm ply
Long reach 8mm machining plastic
  • 31mm Delrin spacers
  • Long reach 8mm cutter
  • Care needed with sich a long cutter reach
AXIOM AR FR CNC router repeatability demonstration
  • Demonstration of the ballscrew drive systems
  • Showing the double angle contact bearing thrust end conditions
  • Supported linear rails
  • dial gauge test of the machines repeatability between 0 and 9mm
  • Machine running on the UCCNC controller at all times
AXIOM AR SF specifications
  • 12VDC inductive homing sensors on XY and Z axis
  • XYZ travel on the AR4 AR6 and AR8 models
  • XY (5000mm/min) and Z (2000mm/min) feedrates
  • Clearance height (165mm)
  • Water cooled HF spindle
  • Conductive auto tool length sensor
Skimming the MDF sacricifial layer
  • Surface skimming the MDF sacricifial layer
  • Optimisation of XY plane tram relative to Z axis
  • Maximised depth of cut accuracy over entire machine travel
  • Can be remachined again if bed surface gets trauma from CNC operations
AXIOM AR SF CNC router machining 3mm traffolyte into dinosaur kit
  • 3mm traffolyte material being CNC routed
  • Demonstration of HF spindle system
  • Demonstration of how efficient the dust shoe is at removing all particles from the process
  • Shows the Tslot bed, MDF layer and anodised toe clamps being used
  • The graphical user interface of the UCCNC shows the real time view of the machine
AXIOM AR4 SF used to make a replacement polycarbonate bathroom shelf
  • Polycarbonate replacement shelf
  • Designed in Vcarve PRO
  • UCCNC controlled AXIOM AR4 CNC router
  • AXIOM clamping system demonstrated
  • shown without the dust shoe fitted
  • P2S pendant shown used to manipulate the machine position
Edge lit LED Acryic sign
  • 10mm thick acrylic sign
  • Pocket operation for standoff locations
  • 3D engraving toolpath for the small text detail
  • Profile toolpath for the large text detail
  • Constant depth is very important for uniform engraving
  • Skimmed MDF surface and uniform clamping very important
Hardwood house sign
  • Hardwood house sign on the AXIOM CNC router
  • Vcarve used to generate detailed inlay Gcode
  • detailed 3D signage toolpath made easy
  • Sign fixings and cutout machined with end mill