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AXIOM EDU | The Educational CNC Router

AXIOM EDU | Affordable Educational CNC router systems

The AXIOM Edu machine is designed with safety and usability in mind. A fully interlocked safety enclosure surrounding the machine ensures the utmost safety at all times.

  • Fully enclosed AXIOM CNC router system for under 10k£ ex VAT.
  • Kit assembly so we can deliver machine through domestic access door
  • Fully interlocked safety switch system
  • Enclosure is fully integrated with the control system and CNC hardware
  • Standalone unit with integrated steel table
  • Very versatile and easy to move around with wheels and feet
AXIOM EDU | On site assmebly

Often access is an issue with CNC rouer installations. The AXIOM EDU is designed to be totally disassembled prior to delivery and assembled on site allowing easy installation through a standard domestic door access point. The safety enclosure is fully kit assembled on site in 2-3 hours.

  • Supplied in kit format as standard
  • Fully assembled on site as part of training and installation
  • Modular kit allows quick and easy movement of enclosure into place
  • All safety switches and wiring looms are preconfigured prior to arrival on site
PC Control Solution

Often we are asked to setup the machines on classroom or teachers computers. A typical setup is shown here where the machine is connected to a control PC chosen by the school.

  • Machine runs on easy to use approachable control software
  • Robust ethernet conectivity between controller and PC
  • The user is able to design, make toolpaths and conrol the machine right at the control PC
  • Fully compatible with windows PC systems
Full Console options are available

The AXIOM EDU system can be supplied with a fully standalone controller console for a fully integrated solution. The console encapsulates a conrol PC and the CNC controller and is therefore a totally standalone solution

  • PC is fully integrated with peripherals on the console
  • CNC controller is integrated into the console
  • Heavy duty umbilical is fitted between the console and the machine/li>
  • AXIOM EDU with control console is the fully integrated turnkey educational CNC router solution