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Benefits of CNC Plasma Cutters | Stoney CNC

Benefits of CNC Plasma Cutters

CNC Plasma Cutting Benefits

CNC (computer numerical control) plasma cutting uses a personal computer and state of the art software to automate the entire cutting process. cnc-plasma

The CNC control creates the shapes to be cut and then, via electrical instructions, directs not only the speed and direction of the cut, but also the height of the plasma cutter and, if needed, the operation of other peripheral devices. It is a highly popular cutting process used in both the manufacturing and construction fields.

Despite plasma cutting being available for over thirty years, due to advances in technology in recent years, CNC plasma cutters have now become much more affordable. The result of this increase in affordability has been a huge surge in popularity with businesses of all sizes and individuals wishing to take advantage of the faster cutting and increased productivity that this technology can offer.

Here we will take a look at why CNC plasma cutting has become so popular and what benefits it can offer over other techniques.


Employee health and safety is a major concern for all businesses, one of the leading benefits of CNC plasma cutting is that it is highly safe for operators. This is due to the automated nature of the process. The operator does not have to hold the plasma torch. The process is controlled by the computer.  Additionally, with some systems the downward draft fume control system draws smoke away from the operator and can make the process environment a lot safer to work in.

Speed and Efficiency of Operation

With no pre-heating required, the cutting process can begin instantly with no down times and the cutter can operate exactly the right speeds as per the plasma sources recommended settings.The CNC plasma cutter is capable of cutting alloys and steels in lighter materials at speeds far exceeding those of Oxy-fuel cutting, making the whole process extremely quick and efficient.

Ease Of Use

Because CNC Plasma cutters are so easy to use, the operator does not require extensive training, saving businesses time and money. CNC plasma cutters also have the advantage of not requiring complex adjustments, unlike laser cutters.


The CNC Plasma cutter can be used for cutting a variety of different materials. It will cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals and will also cut metals of any thickness gauge, pending the power of the high voltage source, a fact that has contributed to its rise in popularity in the fields of construction and manufacture.

Precision Performance

Due to being computer operated, the CNC plasma cutter delivers cuts that are highly precise and accurate with clean edges, sharp corners and intricate details. CNC plasma cutting delivers a level of accuracy that far exceeds the manual plasma cutting process, eliminating the risk of human error.

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