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Case Studies | Customer Examples

Customer examples

Some of our customers prefer to not disclose the CNC aspects of their business as there can be a lot of USP around their application. Below is a representative sample of applications where our machines are currently used. There is a mixture of specific examples where customers are happy to disclose their applications – and applications with general reference so as not to disclose USP.

Andy Lauder Custom PC

Andy Lauder has a full custom PC case production system with his JBEC 1259012. One of the most impressive results on our machines.

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Moving Picture Hire

Moving Picture hire are using one of our routers to make foam cases and fixtures for Camera mounting equipment. The need for a CNC router came from frustrations with cost and lead times associated with outsourced CNC work.


The guys at IMGENIUS in University College London are making an MRI compatible Incubator device. All the aluminum parts you see in the image have been made on a 106512 model machine. The guys are also using the machine to make PCB’s for the device electronics.

Tom Winspear

Tom started with small STEPCRAFT S300 and now has a 106512 JBEC router and is shipping his guitar pics around the globe!!!

Gary at Snabla makes a range of bespoke wooden items. He has the 1259012 system with the full vacuum table solution

Check out SNABLA Here .

Frame to Frame

Pieter has incredible attention to detail! The video speaks for itself

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Stuart Fisher

Stuart has 1259012 machine installed in Cambridgeshire and is starting to make custom wooden plaques and items. Stuart is happy to showcase his machine

Growing Space

The guys at Growing Space have a machine as part of their woodwork orientated workshop that is used in rehabilitation projects.

Falconex Mould Prototyping

Falconex are prototyping mould halves for injection moulding of their circuit board encapsulation. Falconex are now making their own test moulds. the need for flexibility and reducing the cost of the development time were the main motivators for this project. As well as the moulds, Falconex are using the machine to make the holes in enclosures for cable glands and are milling switches to mount their custom inductive elements into the switch fixture.


The guys at LET are now making their internal parts for wind turbines in house. Previous to the router installation the guys were outsourcing parts to be made or making them using time consuming manual conventional techniques in house.

Label Making

We have a number of customers who are using the machines in label and engraving applications.

Furniture and Cabinet Making

We have a number of customers using the machines to Make furniture. The focus is on lowering production costs, providing greater design flexibility, lowering lead times and allowing furniture making guys to provide a higher level of customisation of their products.

Smaller customisable items

We have a number of customers manufacturing custom designs out of timbers and plastics for a number of different product ranges. As discussed above – some of these customer prefer to keep their USP around the machine private.

Woodelo Bikes

Woodelo are using the router to machine the 3D profile of their timber bike frames. As their is a lot of work that goes into each workpiece and the machining time is significant – Woodelo have a servo stepper version of the router for extra reliability.

Celtic Commemorations

Celtic commemorations engrave and customise funeral Urns and make custom plaques for customers. VcarvePro has seen their offering transform.

Dominican Retreat Centre

The guys at the Dominican Retreat centre are giving a new lease of life a large stock of timber that was sitting in the workshop. Each piece of timber has lots of history and is now being turned into custom signs and engravings for their centre.

Brogeen Crafts

Brogeen Crafts have a range of products that are made out of Bog Oak. the guys are making clocks and ornaments of many kinds using one of our routers.

Profector | Product Development

We worked directly with SPRAYBASE where we helped design a device for transfection of cells based on research carried out by For more information about SPRAYBASE – CLICK HERE All the parts were made and modified on the professional CNC router systems.