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CNC: Computer Numerical Clips

A selection of CNC related video clips

CNC computer numerical clips image by Dmitry Kalinovsky (via Shutterstock).

CNC: in the case of our latest blog post, a trip to the Computer Numerical Cinema. Image by Dmitry Kalinovsky (via Shutterstock).

In the last few weeks, we have written about how CNC machines work, and some of the items they can produce. On some occasions, words aren’t enough to do justice. The average CNC machine is best seen in action, so we’ve opted for 50 frames per second instead.

Before your very eyes is a presentation of a few Computer Numerical Clips – full-on images of CNC machinery in action. So sit back, relax, and let your mind wander for a bit. You could crack open a beer and have some pretzels.

CNC Milling of a Pig

If you can cope with the stock music, Myroslav Gevko’s clip of a silver pig is amazing. See how much attention to detail there is in its work.

3D scan and cutting on a 5 axis CNC machine

In more ways than one, this clip is head and shoulders above the rest. In this clip by Scantech from 2009, we see how CNC milling is used to create a marble head.

Top 5 CNC Machines for your creativity

Complementing our previous blog post, this one looks at five CNC machines available for the domestic market.

Here’s one I lathed earlier…

For this clip, we look at how possible it is to make a homebrew CNC machine. Please note: this clip has no sound.

Most Satisfying CNC Milling Projects | Most Satisfying Machines

For our final clip, Machine World’s video clip showcases some awesome projects. We are amazed with the depth and detail.

Stoney CNC, 10 July 2017.

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