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CNC Control Electronics

Ethernet connectivity as standard

We now use a tried and tested Ethernet controller as standard on most of our machines. This allows for more inputs and outputs and a much more robust communication system between the machine and the control PC.

U100 Motion Controller | Upgrade your LPT controlled CNC machine

The UC100 motion controller is very small addition to your CNC system that has the potential to significantly improve the performance of your setup. The UC100 is Mach3 Compatible and can provide a full USB replacement for your LPT driven system.

  • We sell UC100’s off the shelf – please email us and we will process an order with you
UC100 Motion Controller
  • The UC100 overcomes the well known issue with using a standard parallel cable and PC LPT output to control a CNC router system. The stepper drives require robust and reliable pulse trains to provide smooth motion. Control pulses with latency and timing issues can cause torque loss and poor performance that can be directly attributed to the LPT connection.
  • • The UC100 is in itself a dedicated CNC motion controller. It is far more than a simple USB to parallel converter. Typically when you plug in your LPT cable to the machine it is connected to a breakout board. The UC100 can be plugged directly into the same connection on your machine. The UC100 controller distributes the signals to the machine components via the same breakout board that is used for LPT control – drives, relays, switches etc. The result is smoother and more reliable motion when you use the UC100 as the controller is generating the pulses – not the LPT output
  • The UC100 replaces the LPT output and instead the information is transmitted from Mach3 to the UC100 down the USB cable. The USB communication has much better and more reliable operation than the LPT port. The UC100 then generates the pulses for the motors and the signals from the machine.
  • We sell UC100’s off the shelf – please email us and we will process an order with you

The UC100 also allows you to use the UCCNC software. UCCNC is a fully functional industrial spec control software for CNC applications. The software is a full Gcode controller with a very user friendly interface. Fully compatible with all the Vectric products (VcarvePro/Cut2D) The UCCNC is also future proof – you can use the UCCNC right up into the industrial full sheet machine sizes.

We run the small STEPCRAFT machines on the UCCNC software. We run our professional table top CNC machines on the UCCNC and we will run our larger flatbed routers that are under development also on the UCCNC software. Have a look at the videos below to get a feel for the user interface.