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The Incredible CNC Fabrication Services Provided By Stoney CNC

CNC Fabrication

Stoney CNC (Computer Numerical Control) deals mainly with the production of various machine products through computer programming of automated equipment. Our company provides a range of CNC systems in the UK and throughout Europe. We are so much privileged to serve a wide range of customers with our services. Our main service is the provision of CNC fabrication equipment which entails the use of computers to manufacture other new and better goods through the use of precision cutting systems . While we do carry out fabrication on site and can offer this service, we focus on helping out clients establish their own fabrication production lines.

The type of products offered by our company

Provision of high-quality products is our core business in the company and therefore all our employees work positively towards producing the best machines to achieve that. We also emphasis on the value of our products to our clients and also how fast the customers interact with the machines. We intend to offer all sorts of machine solutions to our reliable customers.

The skills of our employees

Our company and supply chain is equipped with highly skilled employees who perform all the machine production and fabrication tasks. All our workers have a recommendable long-term experience for working and accomplishing various projects in other companies and therefore we trust them in their operations. Our CNC fabrication machine specialists also offer consultation services to clients who require guidance on particular issues concerning machine fabrication. This involves giving ideas to our loyal customers on the durability of the machines, the appropriate designs and weight among other factors.

CNC fabrication machine services

With our long-term experience in the machine industry, we are able to offer different services all based on our customer specifications. Some of them include;

  • Modification of the machines into sizes and shapes that suits the client’s requirements
  • Controlling machines to perform specific tasks in the company
  • Advancing the operations of the CNC system
  • Making moulds in the company which is useful in making a variety of complex products
  • General fabrication such as furniture and other structural elements

Benefits of the CNC fabrication

  • Efficiency -The fabrication process improves our company’s effectiveness on the whole production procedure. The computers systematise all the operations hence ensuring production of quality products.
  • Accuracy-The cutting services of CNC helps in reduction of human and procedure errors. Our company has generally benefited from the accurate operations of the CNC services.

We have partnered with most of our clients for some time now and their positive responses towards our products have motivated us in making manufacturing better products each year. Therefore, to all other interested customers, you may always feel free to contact us for CNC lathe services and Milling operations among other services. Our focus is to educate clients on their own fabrication needs with a view to establishing in house production with dedicated CNC machine tool.