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CNC Machinery and their Role in Sign Making

How CNC machinery helps sign makers

CNC machinery and sign making image by Jaret Kantepar (via Shutterstock).

Sure signs of progress: CNC machinery is an essential part of any self-respecting sign maker’s tool kit. Image by Jaret Kantepar (via Shutterstock).

Without computer numerical control, the sign maker’s job can be a lengthy one. For some people of a certain age, the perception of sign makers (or sign writers) is that of a gentlemen crafting ornate signs in a little shed or workshop. Come the 1980s, CNC machinery became a popular choice. This is also thanks to Computer Aided Drafting software and the higher resolutions of today’s computer systems.

Since professional level CAD programs entered the marketplace, the likes of AutoCAD make a seamless transfer from PC to CNC. Our CNC machinery come with their own software. For example, the JBEC Professional machines come with the UCCNC software package. On the shop floor, the operator has full control over the sign (or any other given object). UCCNC supports the .DXF file format, used by AutoCAD.

As well as their precision, CNC machinery is suitable with a variety of materials. Not only wood, but also acrylic, plastic, steel, and aluminium. With your design drafted in a CAD program, a lot of time is saved prior to the making of your signage. No matter how wide, tall, or small your prototype or final product will be.

With CNC machinery, the ability to produce complex designs are within easy reach. Especially where precise measurements are the order of the day. From copperplate style handwriting to Helvetica Bold, typefaces of any description are easy to reproduce. Fine engraving techniques or chunky text, also possible. In no time at all.

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Stoney CNC, 05 September 2017.

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