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CNC Machines for Hobbyists vs. Professionals

CNC or Computer Numerical Control System refers to the use of computers to operate certain machine tools, like routers, lathes, grinders and mills. The control with CNC systems offers the benefit of being extremely accurate during the manufacturing of any part. This allows the mass production of items in much shorter periods, with greater accuracy than when doing it manually. The greater accuracy and shorter production time saves on labour costs and generate less wastage.

cnc machines for saleDifferent Users

Like with all other equipment there are users, with different objectives while using the same machine which can be categorised as Pros and Hobbyists. Although the functionality of the machine, in essence, remains the same, the motivation and purpose for using it differs. In this piece, we will look at the different requirements and reasons for using machines controlled by CNC systems.

Difference between Users

The main difference between a professional user and a hobbyist lies in the purpose for which they use the CNC systems machine. There are clear distinctions in how the usage and the benefits derived from using the machine are being viewed. Their knowledge about the machine might be similar and on the same level but their reasons for using it differs.

End Result versus Process

The pro uses it to be able to produce more work in the shortest time with greater accuracy, to increase profits and minimise losses. It is all about making money and the end result.

A hobbyist is also concerned about the greater accuracy and other benefits but less concerned about the time it takes to produce the required end result and the cost involved, to them, it is about the enjoyment they derive from the process.

Faster Production vs Working Faster

The pro will make his choice based on the need to produce as much as possible, as accurate as possible, in the shortest production time. This necessitates that the machine must be fast to learn, as simple as possible and that the features must be easily available. The hobbyist uses the system to be able to do more projects.

Bottom Line vs WOW Moment

The hobbyist is also interested in accuracy and other properties that the CNC system offer but to them, it is the process of creating that is important and not the speed and the opportunity to be much more productive. Their aim is not to optimise time but to learn the process and be more creative and accurate when milling or routing. It is not so much the bottom line but rather the “WOW” moment of finishing a product.

Benefits for All Users

Stoney CNC products are developed to cater to the market ranging from the Pro to the Hobbyist and their range includes milling and routing systems to serve the market and its requirements. They also do offer training, consultancy services and very important excellent after sales service with full support. This ensures that immaterial if you are a pro or hobbyist you will be assured of the best available service.

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