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Top CNC Machining Basics For Beginners

Top Seven CNC Basics All Beginners Need to Know

Does your new job require you to use CNC machines and you do not know where to start? You are not alone. Most people do not learn how to use CNC machines until the need arises. While mistakes are part of the learning process, some of them might be costly. Here are seven top CNC machining basics you need to know.

CNC machiningCNC Programming

Sequential instructions or programs are used to operate CNC machines. CNC programming varies from system to system, but the principles are the same. There are only two programming modes, absolute and incremental programming. The former uses a fixed starting point while the latter uses the source location as the starting point and moves away from it.

Invest in Vice

Vice is one of the essential accessories used in CNC machining. It helps to hold the piece you are working on into place. Though costly, the vice will save you a lot of frustrations that result from the slipping or shaking of the material.

Tighten the Vice Properly

Holding the work into position is a big concern in machining. Always keep the piece immovable. Remember to remove the handle of the clamp before you start working. Other things on your workbench might block it. It can also loosen the hold on the material.

Watch your Simulations

Always watch the simulation first before beginning to cut a plate. It is the only way you can be sure you have uploaded the right file. Most importantly, you will be able to catch any mistakes on the final shape. It is cheaper to correct the error at this level than after you have cut the metal.

Use the Right Software Tools

CNC machine software comes with many tools that make work easy. One of the significant ones is the thickness and shape of the end mill. Ensure it matches your end mill.

Learn to Use Proper Settings

You cannot get the intended result by using the default setting of your CAM software. You will have to read how the tools work and how to manipulate the settings.

Seek Professional Help

It is impossible to learn how to use all the features of these systems on your own. You can fast-track the learning process by enrolling for specialised online training in CNC milling. You can also make use of the after-sales support services provided by CNC systems suppliers.

The above tips cover only the basics. You will have to learn more with time as you make mistakes or get stuck along the way.

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