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CNC Machining Overview

With the advances in the development of computers and software for use in the manufacturing environment, it was inevitable that machine tools like lathes, mills, and grinders would be controlled by computers and not by humans anymore.

CNC routerThis led to the development of Computer Numerical Control Systems or in short, CNC systems where machine tools are controlled by computers with pre-programmed software programs to manufacture items extremely accurately with limited wastage.

How Does CNC Work?

CNC machining refers to the use of manufacturing tools and machinery controlled by computers loaded with pre-programmed software programs. This allows machines like lathes, mills, routers, and grinders to function without any manual control while performing cutting tasks that include three-dimensional cuts, without the limitations of being controlled manually by operators.

The software programs are used to control the different actions performed by the machine in relation to the feed rate, speed and direction of movement using a programming language called G-Code, written by programmers. The computer will save the CNC programming in its memory with the code used to allow the addition of additional prompts to be added when required. The software offers the possibility to run the machines in pre-programmed cycles while controlling their speed and position. This allows a wide range of applications in plastic and metal manufacturing.

Benefits of Using CNC Manufacturing

There are many benefits in using CNC machines to manufacture products; we will discuss a number of the benefits below:

  • Production can be increased with the automated production of items in a shorter time span.
  • Components with an intricate design can be produced to cater to different market segments.
  • Higher levels of accuracy can be achieved that generates less wastage and increases production output which saves on production and labour costs.
  • The process is controlled by computers with pre-programmed software and the manufacturing process can run uninterrupted.
  • The software can be changed and be adapted to ensure that current CNC machines can be scaled to keep pace with growth.

Adding Value to CNC Systems

Stoney CNC pride themselves that they don’t only sell products but provide CNC solutions for a diverse range of customers from beginners to large scale manufacturers. Our product range offers routing and milling machines that are renowned for their performance, reliability and quality that will last for a long time.

Stoney CNC provides a total service that starts from assessing your needs to providing a tailor-made solution that includes demonstration, installation and commissioning of the CNC machines. To ensure proper functioning of the system we provide on-site training, excellent after sales care and service that extends from the machine to the computer and its software.

Contact us at Stoney CNC to turn your desktop into an integrated CNC machining system with CAD/CAM capability to meet your manufacturing needs.

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