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Benefits of CNC Machining vs. Conventional

The manufacturing industry has started to shift from the use of conventional to CNC machining. CNC gives you plenty of advantages that you may not get from conventional machining. It is great for industries which require precision and efficiency. These industries include; agriculture, aerospace, automotive, military, publishing, production, and transportation.

cnc machiningThe first CNC machines were developed in the 1940s for the United States Air Force. The following are some of the reasons why CNC machining is better than conventional machining.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Skills

When using conventional machining, you need to have lots of skills and machining. With CNC machines, that is not necessary. Even though having some skills and experience may make things easier, it is possible for just about anyone to use CNC machines. CNC machines eliminate human error in production. If you are trying to improve your production without spending a lot of your time and effort in training, CNC is the right choice.

Replicated Production

If you need to produce the same part multiple times, consider CNC machining. Conventional machining makes sense when you want to make only one custom piece. Replica production in CNC machining does not affect the quality of your work. Once you enter your design specifications into the CNC machine, it will execute as many quantities as you wish.

Improved Production Options

CNC software provides you with many production options. With the emergence of advanced software, you can manufacture products that are impossible with conventional machinery. If need be, you can update the software for better functionality.

Less Labour

You do not need a lot of personnel when using CNC machines. With one skilled operator, it is possible to run multiple CNC machines. With conventional machines, you need at least one worker for every machine. You may even need a supervisor to oversee the group. You can invest your money on satisfying your clients instead of sourcing for labour.

Lower Maintenance

The amount of time and effort that goes into the maintenance of conventional machines is much higher than CNC machines. G-code based software makes automatic updates so you don’t need to worry. The only service you may need to do is changing the cutting implements and cleaning. You do not need to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Prototypes are Not Necessary

With CNC software, you can simulate an idea before cutting it out. The fact that you don’t need to produce a prototype helps you save time and money. CNC software may help you save a lot of your production time.


CNC machines give your operators a safer environment because of the fast production process and consistency of the pieces. Operators do not have to be in close contact with the tools. With conventional machines, operators are in direct contact with the sharp tools.

If you are interested in the fabrication of metal parts, consider the use of CNC machining over conventional machining. It has plenty of advantages that could be good for your business.

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