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CNC Routing in the Home

A peek at CNC routing machines for home workshops

CNC Routing image by Microgen (via Shutterstock).

A CNC routing machine in an industrial setting. Image by Microgen (via Shutterstock).

If you are more used to working with computers, you have the option of taking your work home if you fall behind. With cloud hosting access, it is possible to type a report away from your office. With CNC routing machines you don’t have the same flexibility (or so you think).

Today’s CAD-CAM drawings and instructions can be saved on a cloud hosting account. He or she could upload the drawing from their computer to the cloud host. Then, on return to the workshop, he or she could pick up their design and feed their creation into the CNC routing machine. Thanks to the power of CAD-CAM.

Whereas 3D printers are within reach of most household budgets, this couldn’t be said for CNC routing machines. Though they do exist, they cost a fair amount. A modest machine could cost €784.86. Expect to pay around €1,300 for a machine.

Should I buy a 3D printer instead?

The straight answer is ‘no’. A 3D printer could coexist with a CNC routing machine. The two together could make for a winning combination. Your CNC router could, for example, cut holes into your printed mould.

Why would I want a CNC routing machine in my home workshop?

As a hobbyist, you might want one for precision engineered projects. You could be an electronics enthusiast and use your machine for working on printed circuit boards. For precise woodworking and metalworking, a useful addition to your workshop for meticulous projects.

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Stoney CNC, 07 July 2017.

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