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CNC Wood Routers

CNC Wood Routers: An Unparalleled Sense of Versatility

Woodworking is a trade which can be traced back for thousands of years. While many of the associated skills have been passed down from generation to generation, there is no doubt that technology has taken massive leaps forward in recent times. One shining example of this observation can be seen in the routers offered by Stoney CNC. What are some of the interesting benefits that these CNC wood routers offer and why are professionals and novices alike choosing the services that we will provide?

CNC Routers: Allowing Three-Dimensional Dreams to Become a Reality

Perhaps the most impressive advantage of any CNC machine is that it has the ability to cut along three axes (X, Y and Z). Therefore, it is easy to create three-dimensional shapes within a real-time environment. The major difference is that unlike traditional woodworking techniques which involved human manipulation and rough estimates, the computerised controls offered by these units provide a sense of precision that would have been considered impossible only a handful of years ago. This is particularly useful when fashioning intricate designs or in the event that complicated projects (such as creating a decorative segment of crown moulding) leave little room for error.

CNC wood routersA Host of Composite Materials

The routers supplied by Stoney CNC, are perfectly capable of dealing with all types of wood. However, a variety of cutting tools signifies that they can just as easily adapt to different materials such as composites. Examples include (but may not be limited to) plywood, MDF, melamine and chipboard. So, they offer a rather universal appeal and these units will save a great deal of time when compared to being forced to employ standalone systems to achieve the desired results.

Designed with the Needs of the Woodworker in Mind

At Stoney CNC, we are aware that all of our units represent real investments. Having said this, not every individual will require the most advanced platforms. There can be times when entry-level units are desired; especially by those who are just beginning to learn about CNC machining techniques. This is why we supply low-cost variants alongside more comprehensive counterparts. Whether referring to the production of prototypes or the manufacture of full-scale reproductions, the fact of the matter is that our product line will satisfy nearly any requirement.

Accurate Reproductions in a Fraction of the Time

One of the most common issues associated with traditional woodworking is that it is nearly impossible to create a series of accurate reproductions by hand alone. The reliability of our CNC wood routers ensures that this is no longer an issue. They are therefore ideally suited for large-scale projects that must adhere to extremely precise parameters.

The world of CNC machining continues to evolve and our team always strives to stay one step ahead of the curve. If you would like to learn more about our product line or to address any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.