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Common CNC Machines Questions

Critical Questions to Ask When Getting CNC Machines

The need for accuracy in manufacturing has fuelled the demand for CNC machines. The equipment makes it possible to create intricate components for a wide range of uses. However, the quality of CNC parts will depend on the machines used for the specific CNC process. Buying CNC equipment is a big decision that requires careful consideration.

Various aspects come into play when deciding why one machine is better than another. Asking your supplier a few crucial questions will help narrow down your options for CNC machines for sale.

Is the Machine Pre-assembled?

You have to know if the assembly of the CNC machine is done at the factory or the buyer has to do some or all of it. Almost every high-end machine comes pre-assembled, which minimises the work a purchaser has to do. If the machine is not assembled at the plant, then it means your technicians must be capable of putting it together correctly, or a technician will visit after the machine has been delivered in order to assemble the machine system to its finished state. At Stoney CNC we supply a range of kite machines and pre-built machines. The kit machines can travel in custom packaging and therefore can be shipped very efficiently. Fully build machines are usually freight shipped and are fully ready to go when the system is delivered.

CNC machines for saleWhat Level of Support is Available?

Tech support is invaluable when buying a CNC machine. The relationship with a supplier should not end after the purchase. During the lifetime of the equipment, a variety of issues can come up. Operators may need help with certain parts, problems may arise during set up, or you may need assistance with the maintenance. The supplier should be able to offer the necessary technical support when required. Ask about the availability of technicians and response time because they will determine downtime in cases of machine repair. Stoney CNC specialises in full aftersales support that ensures each client received efficient assistance when necessary.

Are there Options Available for Upgrades?

Over time, your CNC machining project will evolve, meaning that the equipment must be able to accommodate the changes. An ideal machine should be easily scalable without costing you too much. Adjusting a CNC machine for growing requirements may necessitate a change in software or a few other components. Find out if the supplier can facilitate this or offer recommendations when the time comes. Stoney CNC provides consultancy services that come in handy when clients need to scale their equipment.

Buyers have a host of alternatives when it comes to CNC machines for sale; the trick is figuring out the right equipment for specific projects. Stoney CNC carries CNC machines of superior standard that cover a broad category of needs. Whether you need entry-level systems or OEM supplied machines, Stoney CNC has something suitable.

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