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Common Jobs Plasma Cutters Are Used For | Stoney CNC

Stoney CNC highlight some common jobs plasma cutters are used for in the industry, for cutting corners and close edges, scrapping and marking holes.

Common Jobs Plasma Cutters Are Used For

How often do you require cutting hard materials such as iron, steel or aluminium? There are many methods of cutting or marking these materials; however, plasma is the fastest and efficient method. CNC plasma cutter

The plasma is a high speed ionised gas that carries electric current from the emitter to the surface being cut. Operationally, the gas heats and melts the surface it hits while cutting. Interestingly, the gas blows the melted metal away. Plasma jet is released at a temperature of approximately 40000F. Various jobs apply the plasma cutters today on a daily basis.

Cutting Corners and Close Edges

The Bevel Cutting and Extended Reach Cutting method are the most common in handling the edge and corner cuts. Typically, Bevel cutting involves cutting a material’s edge non-perpendicularly on its top. The cutting is done for purposes of creating a secure weld. The bevelling comes in different designs; some of these designs mimic various letters of the alphabetic order. For extended reach, the cutting job is done when the material under plasma cutting requires an extra reach mechanism, especially if the targeted area is in an inner region.

Close Cutting Jobs

Close cutting jobs are done through fine feature cutting and flush cutting methods. The two ways are done when cutting requirements require being completed at a close range. Flush cutting is usually used when removing things such as casting sprue, a wearable part that needs replacing, end cap and weld support. Additionally, it applies to material washing and cutting of small holes. On the other hand, cutting activities that involve thin materials, intricate shapes or materials with high tolerance requirements. The term fine feature refers to the resulting cuts. The method is possible to produce narrow but stiff cuts.


Metal scrapping is one of the processes involved in recycling of used metals. Since most metallic products contain different kinds of metals, the plasma cutters are used for effective separation through cutting. They are effective in cutting all manner of possibilities such as tight locations. Additionally, their use provides a safe cutting method that allows the operator to keep a distance as well as ergonomically positioned.

Marking and Hole Cutting Jobs

Marking is a typical job among many industries. Even at home, some items are markable mostly for identification purposes. Today, the traditional Marking has become absolute. This is because the plasma cutters offer not only perfect marking results but also fast and efficient to handle mass work. Collectively for large requirement marking tasks, this technology is cost-effective. The technology also reduces the material handling. Some of the applications include creating names on a material, marking material with a serial number or even creation of small dots for easy drilling of holes. When it comes to whole cutting jobs, you can find so many requirements for creating the holes. In fact, most plasma cutter users handle this task in many instances. Holes are mostly required for joining two sections together. In some cases, they are required for creating bolt holes. The use of plasma cutters makes the drilling task easy and fast. Modern CNC plasma cutting systems provided by Stoney CNC have even much more cutting and set up options. For more  information on our range of CNC cutting machines, please call 01432 607 908 or email

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