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Connect CNC Conversion

Connect CNC router retro fit

The Connect CNC router was picked up during a clearout and lay dormant for a year or so in the workshop until the was time to give her the TLC she needed to get back up and running.

The main Y axis ball-screw driving the table was replaced with a full new driving system. The CNC router now has a new ball-screw, ball-nut, Y axis motors and end encapsulation of the ball-screw. The axis is driven by a motor and matched drive voltage and stepper drives for optimum torque and performance.

The machine design is based on a skeletal aluminium frame which doubles up as a full enclosure for the machine.

The system has been fitted with a 2.2kW Chinese spindle powered through a VFD. The machine runs on a standard single phase AC supply. The spindle mount itself has an integrated dust show with brushes and the spindle runs with the popular ER20 collet.