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CNC Consultancy

CNC machining solutions are about precision and cost-effectiveness. The wrong choice of material, design or fabrication method can ruin an entire project, and that is why CNC consultancy is a viable investment. At Stoney CNC, we offer skilled technicians who have worked with different companies on a variety of projects. We have a wealth of experience, which is at your disposal.

It is our understanding that making some decisions regarding CNC machining solutions is not always easy. Imagine having to adjust the design of a metal component at the last minute but don’t know which machining strategy will be suitable. We solve such problems for our customers.

Get Professional Guidance

Whether a client wants input on the fabrication needs of a single part or manufacturing and assembly of a complete product, we have the right people for every instance. Our CNC machining consultants are available for expert opinions about different elements of your designs. We focus on all the factors that impact the functionality of machined parts like durability, weight and tensile strength.

For a first time customer, our consultants will explain the CNC machine solutions to pick from and the most appropriate one for your fabrication needs. Our CNC consultancy role is to ensure that you get the best services without depleting your budget. We make certain that each product meets the highest standards of performance and complies with industry regulations.

Our CNC Machine Solutions

At Stoney CNC, we have a wide range of services that are tailored to various manufacturing and fabrication requirements. Come to us for:

• Retrofit and CNC upgrade work
• Mould making
• Machine modifications
• Machine monitoring

Our consultancy offering stems from our range of CNC systems we build, supply and support currently. We have a range of CNC machine systems for a variety of applications. We can supply large format plasma and cutting systems down to small format pick and place stages and CNC routers. We also offer and support a variety of extras to add functionality to the standard machines – vacuum clamping and sprayer coolant systems as examples. Talk to our CNC consultancy service guys to benefit from the expertise of CNC programming consultants who know what works for your company.