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Denford TRIAC conversion to Mach3 | UCCNC

Denford TRIAC conversion to Mach3 | UCCNC and Kress spindle

The Denford was stripped of all old electronics and a fresh controller was installed. the motors and limit switches were all kept. The spindle requested was a KRESS spindle as the machine is now used as an educational tool. the client has fitted a protective guard over the machine.

External controller

The new external controller is fully Mach3/UCCNC operational using a UC100 motion controller.

The connections into the DENFORD TRIAC are routed into the rear junction box

Custom Kress mount

an existing mount for an older spindle was used and modified to integrate the Kress spindle into the machine. The Kress just fits from the bottom up into the DENFORD TRIAC spindle holder.

Care was taken to ensure the Kress fan output ports on the bottom of the spindle were not suppressed and the collet lock nut button was still exposed for tool changing