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Everything You Need to Know About the AXIOM Precision CNC System Range

When selecting the correct CNC system for your company, you can come up against a barrage of confusing information and a choice overload. Securing the optimum machine for your requirements can result in the difference between an onslaught of potential design flaws down the line or a product’s successful and lucrative manufacturing, so doing your research is imperative.

At StoneyCNC, we supply many renowned AXIOM Precision CNC systems and router machines, guaranteeing that we have a model suitable for your company’s needs.

What Is A CNC System?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, a process that has stemmed from pre-technology ages as simply Numerical Control, where data ran from punched tape that orchestrated the movement of the machine tool it was connected to. This served its purpose but offered nothing compared to the intricate precision and mass-production of today’s CNC systems.

These first systems initially appeared on the scene in the 1950s and were surprisingly slow to catch on, due to their confusing revolutionary design and capabilities. Back then, there wasn’t even a set coding language for the NC, with each manufacturer creating their own, something that was thankfully rectified in the early 1960s with the g-code we know of to this day.

Nowadays, CNC systems have advanced with the progression of technology, branching out into a plethora of machines and systems, tailor-made for the varying requirements of each industry.

Here’s a handy run-through of our popular AXIOM Precision CNC range:

A Bit of Background

After teaming up with AXIOM, we endeavoured to bring their products to the UK and European markets, allowing our customers to benefit from the unique small format CNC router.

Focused on a well-rounded approach to sales, we are committed to going further than being a mere box-to-box company, choosing to offer bespoke modifications and configurations catering to a range of purposes.

AR Small Format CNC Series Routers

For the smaller business, we offer the StoneyCNC spec AXIOM Small Format CNC Series router, finely configured by ourselves to equip you with affordable professional CNC routing.

In a variety of three sizes: 610mm x 610mm, 915mm x 915mm, or 1220mm x 1220mm, this model is adept at coping with the demands of a small to average production company.

The router comes with several additional options, such as the choice of a KRESS or high-powered AXIOM HF spindle, both designed to deal with varying levels of intricacy within design.

AR16 Elite Series Routers

For projects that require that heavy duty quality, we also supply the AR16 Elite Series. This router, standing at the 4ft x 4ft travel specification, is comfortable with larger scale work at a more frequent pace.

Running on high powered AC servos, the robust machine is a must-have for any larger production company, ensuring consistent work throughout.

How Do I Find Out More?

If this post has illustrated the necessity for an update within your business, the AXIOM Precision CNC System Router range will not disappoint. If you’re still struggling over the finer details and weighing up which system would be the best fit within your company, contact us and one of our specialists will work with your requirements to set you up with a new CNC model.

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