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Fun with CNC Machines

A look at how CNC machines have been used for the lighter things in life

CNC machines clock watching image by Chuck Rausin (via Shutterstock).

Don’t worry guys, only an hour to go till the hooter sounds at 5pm. Image by Chuck Rausin (via Shutterstock).

Have you got the Friday feeling just yet? Or are you looking forward to your next holiday? If you’re ready to shoot off to the pub or the airport, the last thing you would want to read is another boring blog post. A blog post on CNC machines no less (well, what goes round, comes round).

Before you move along, we at Stoney CNC have come across other, less mundane and original uses of CNC machines. There is a site called CNC Cookbook which looks at weird and wonderful uses of CNC equipment (ideally not in work time, or in your own workshop). It is hailed as “the internet’s most popular CNC blog and information resource”.

No wonder, because it is a pretty good website. If you are passionate about CNC machines like us, that coffee break would be gone in no time. You could miss entire seasons of your favourite continuing drama series on television or via Netflix. There is one article, more than anything, that could pique your interest:

9 Completely Frivolous Things You Could Make on Your Expensive CNC Machine

Looking at the article, you can see how CNC lathes are used to make spinning tops, yo-yos, and other whimsical objects of desire. With a laser engraver, you could ‘tattoo’ your laptop. CNC Cookbook’s article shows the back of Macbook Pro with an engraving.

And you thought we were boring people. Geeks. Number crunchers. Rivet counters. We can do fun as well as serious too. On the serious, more informative side, CNC Cookbook also has a library of .DXF (AutoCAD) files, free courses for absolute beginners, and free calculators. This invaluable reference on CNC machines and the like could be your favourite waste of time.

Stoney CNC, 11 August 2017.

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