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Guide To JBEC CNC Routers

The JBEC CNC routers are the highest performing table top series in the StoneyCNC range. The JBEC CNC routers are used to process materials like timbers plastics and alloys.

JBEC routers

We use an industrial controller package with a live view of the machine systems on the interfacescreen at all times. The well-built frame of the machine makes it durable and long lasting. JBEC CNC Routers find applications in many fields and deliver accurate and precise cuts. If you are involved in manufacturing, you will appreciate the performance of this professional grade machine.

  1. Integrated Software

This high performing table to CNC system packs a fully integrated software. You can cut through hard material like steel simply by altering the toolpath to suit the output delivery you desire. You are to use a computer to configure the machine. All the parameters of the machine can be adjusted to suit what you aim to deliver. You can always tweak your strategies and work with the flexible system to achieve accuracy and precision. The full-screen live view gives you a clear view of how the machine has been set up. Setting up the machine is very easy as the system has a simplistic design.

  1. Job Precision

JBEC CNC Routers are professional grade machinery that suits professional CNC operators. This machine is popular due to its outstanding performance. The unmatched accuracy as you cut guarantees consistency in the final product. You can control all the machine parts with a computer. If you run a small-scale roadside workshop, consider investing in a JBEC CNC Router. Individuals involved in manufacturing find a valuable use for CNC machines. Technology and innovation has enabled the development of a machine capable of;

  • High degree automation
  • Precise level production that enhances consistency in products
  • Complex processing which is achievable due to the multi-axis linkage
  • Prototype machining.

Areas of Application

  1. Metal Removal Industries

The CNC machine is highly useful in industries that need a chance that can remove excel metal from raw materials. Ram materials need to be prepared correctly so as to get the desired end product. You can use the CNC machine to create shaped products in the manufacturing industry as well. Some of the industries that use this machine to remove excess metal include;

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Jewellery making industry
  1. Metal Fabrication Industries

CNC machines can help you produce thin metal plates and make tiny, precise holes on raw materials to be used in the manufacture of computers and computer motherboards. Other applications include shearing and welding as well as plasma cutting.


CNC machines have outstanding performance. They have applications in many fields due to their unmatched accuracy and precision. You can control all the components of the machine using computer software.

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