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How To Choose A CNC Router

How to Choose the Right CNC Router for Your Business?

Shopping for a CNC Router? You should consider more than just the price. With so many different models available it’s difficult to decide what you need without knowing the basics.

CNC routerWe’ve put together a brief guide highlighting the features, applicability and how the machinery works.

What Is A CNC Router? How does it work?

A Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Router is a cutting machine controlled by a computer which coordinates it through programmed tracks.

These tracks are outlined in CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs by a designer, and they’re transformed into tool paths which are in turn interpreted by the router.

The machine also receives data indicating the depth of the cuts, whether it should cut straight through or just to a specific depth.

Types of Routers and Axes

The machine is available in two versions. You’ll find the gantry type which involves the machine moving over material secured in place and the fixed-bridge type which involves a mounted the router and a moving sheet of material.

They can use 4 levels of axes categorised into 2 Axis, 3 Axis, 4 Axis, and 5 Axis. However, small and medium-sized businesses choose 3 or 4 axis routers.


A Router is used for cutting different types of hard and soft materials such as wood, aluminium, composites, plastics or foams. The machine can perform different types of cuts including outside or inside the line, chamfer-online, engrave-online, fillet-online or holes.

Stoney CNC Routers integrate cutting-edge technology and fully automated and updated systems which cater to a wide range of applications. All routers and milling machines guarantee precise and accurate cutting.

Depending on the work you intend to do, you can choose various models of routers and milling machines provided by Stoney CNC including:

  • Medium sized Routers and milling machines such as Stoney CNC’s JBEC professional routers or Mill-it-Mini series;
  • Large format CNC Systems such as the JKR Router;
  • ATC (Auto-tool change) systems for high end applications.

Stoney CNC provides fully integrated CNC solutions to meet its clients’ needs. The company’s team of professionals perform an assessment of the client’s requirements to identify if a bespoke design is required. After delivering and installing the machinery, Stoney CNC’s will provide consultancy and training on site so your team fully understands the ins and outs of the CNC equipment.

When it comes to buying a CNC Router, you should consider what types of machines are available, how they work, the range of applications provided and what after-sales services are available.

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