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Introducing the FogBuster Coolant Sprayer System

Here at Stoney CNC, we have developed a revolutionary CNC machine coolant… the FogBuster Coolant Sprayer System.

If you’re looking to replace flood coolant, consider our portable machine coolant system. The design of the FogBuster system is unique, providing optimal performance, high volumes and low risk, you really cannot go wrong with the spray mist coolant system!

What does it do?

The CNC machine coolant streams air without producing fog or mist. The targeted spray performs at low pressure and offers high volume. Unlike any other machine tool coolant systems, there is no harmful mist generated, which ultimately eliminates any potential health risks.

What can the FogBuster Coolant system be used for?

Regardless of whether you require machine tool coolant systems for milling, drilling, taping or sawing, this system is bound to offer suitability to your needs and requirements. When it comes to finding a system, you can rely on, the FogBuster is extremely dependable, with its multi-functional purpose making it highly desirable.

How does it work?

Stoney CNC’s FogBuster Coolant Sprayer System can have either a double or single nozzle, it merely depends on what suits you best! The nozzle is adjustable and can keep the amount of coolant to a minimum. We guarantee that this machine coolant provides safe operation. We have a compatible range of coolant types that improve the machining ability of the spray mist coolant system. This type of coolant sprayer supplies greater cooling and lubrication than any other system.

How does it affect the environment?

The FogBuster Coolant Sprayer System is a sustainable option, as it allows you to have the opportunity to reduce the amount of cooling waste produced which ultimately enables you to reduce pollution. In addition to this, you can’t argue with the efficiency of this conventional spray mist coolant system, making it clean and controllable.

Why this type of machine coolant?

With this CNC machine coolant, you needn’t worry about operating it, it’s easy to use and can save you time, as well as money. If you need to improve the material finish of a product, you can use our FogBuster spray mist coolant system. It’s renowned for its uninterpreted performance and increased life expectancy.

Not only is the machine coolant extremely cost-efficient, Stoney CNC guarantee you’ll notice a significant improvement in the cutting speed of all machinery!

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