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All our machines are ballscrew driven on all axes. Ballscrews are the most efficient method for providing motion to a machine in CNC applications having the advantage of exceptional efficiency and accuracy. Balls screws demonstrate virtually no backlash. Backlash is where movement is lost due to play in the drive system during direction changes and can have poor effects on machine accuracy. Ballscrews have low wear and provide smooth clean movement and precision cutting over the lifetime of the machine – little to no wear. The result is the most reliable mechanical motion system on the market giving long term machine stability and reliability. This gives the machine excellent long term reliability and accuracy and the ballscrew drives are virtually maintenance free.

Ballscrew Drive
Ballscrew drive systems on all three axes

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Exceptionally stiff core machine frame and Gantry | LONG TERM PERFORMANCE | LONG TERM RELIABILITY

The core machine design is built by professional machine builders in Germany with 30 years experience in building and constructing CNC machinery. The core frame is made of precision machined and bolted box section. There are no welded joints. The results is a very stiff torsionally rigid machine system. This gives it one of the most stable core platforms on the market. The precision machine frame provides exceptional stability and retains the machine performance over the machines entire lifetime. The result is a machine that even if standing on two of its four legs can maintain its performance. There is virtually no setup time once the machine is comissioned. The system will simply drop onto a bench and be ready to go. This makes it one of the most stable platforms available

CNC router gantry constructions stiff box section with excellent rigidity for precision CNC operations

Stiff box section frame on all the professional CNC routers

Industry standard Control electronics | High power motors | FULL USB MOTION CONTROL FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE APPLICATIONS

We use only top of the range industry standard motion control equipment. The motors and drives are tuned for the high voltage setup to provide excellent torque and machine power. All the machines come with leadshine drives, oriental motors and 48V DC power supplies. a 24V DC safety circuitry provides the interface between the user and the machine. This isolates the user completely from the 230V feed for extra safety whilst also providing protection against accidental machine startup. We recommend using a USB interface with the routers to provide the most reliable machine control available

USB control of the CNC routers

USB control of the CNC routers – with full windows certification on XP, 7 and 8

Highest Quality Spindle option | Kress entry level spindle | German built HIGH SPEED SPINDLE

For light to intermediate work we recommend the well known Kress single phase spindle option.

For advanced heavy CNC work we use a High frequency spindle system that is well balanced and gives good power at lower spindle speeds (RPM). The RPM is often viewed as the most important parameter when viewing the spindle system. However the power at the given RPM’s is equally important. The spindle system we use gives 700 Watts even at 1200 RPM. This gives you the options to use bigger cutters and opens up the operational envelope of the machine. The ER20 collets with the HF spindle come in sizes from 1mm to 13mm and can all take undersized cutters for each nominal size – eg. 6mm ER20 can take 5.5mm cutter

High Frequency Spindle option

High Frequency Spindle option


All of the router systems are available with a full aluminium framed enclosure. The enclosures are panelled with shatter proof polycarbonate for extra safety. The enclosures can be provided with an active interlock system whereby the door is actively locked shut when the spindle is in preventing entry to the machine and providing an active safety deterrent. The enclosures provide a full 360 Degree viewing area of the machine making it the most Educational friendly machine on the market. The results is an excellent teaching or full production tool where the noise level is reduced and the safety level meets the rigorous standards required for educational CNC machine packages.

Fully enclosed machine systems available

Fully enclosed machine systems available

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Flexible machine size options | Up to 1250mm x 990mm Travel| Optionally no limit to Z axis passage height

The machine system comes in three sizes. The 604012 Machine system has a max travel of 660mm x 420mm x 125mm. The 106512 CNC machine system has a max travel of 1060mm x 670mm x 125mm. The 1259012 CNC machine system has a max travel of 1300mm x 920mm x 125mm. The Z axis passage height on all machines is 150mm with the Z axis travel measurement being 125mm. However the machines can be modified to increase maximum workpiece height that can fit under the gantry tower and within access of the machine cutter. The modification allows a part dimention of up to 270mm to fit below the cutter. This enables longer aspect workpieces to be mounted into the machine limited only by the table. If a custom table was used then there is no limit on the Z dimenstion of the workpiece.

Multiple sizes available

Multiple sizes available