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JBEC LCS intermediate CNC

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JBEC intermediate machine Specifications and sizes

Welcome to the JBEC intermediate CNC series. The JBEC intermediate series sits in the middle between the STEPCRAFT and the Professional machines. The system is more rigid and high performance than the STEPCRAFT machines but not as high spec as the professional machines. We support the intermediate machines for low duty cycle work with the Kress spindle system.

The JBEC intermediate series comes in three sizes – the 4032 model, the 6042 model and the 10580 model. The machines are driven by the same industry standard electronics as the professional machines and run on the same control software as all our other machines. See below for more details and technical specifications

LCS Software

The intermediate CNC router runs on the same software that both the STEPCRAFT machines and the Professional machines run on. Please see more details on the Mach3 / Vectric software combination in the professional CNC routers section. We believe in a fully integrated software solution that can be used for design, toolpath generation and final part machining on the one PC.

LCS 4032 | 400mm x 320mm x 110mm
LCS 6042 | 600mm x 420mm x 110mm
LCS 10580 | 1000mm x 580mm x 110mm