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JBEC LCS Tech details | Prices

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Spindle and Software

The intermediate level CNC router is offered with the Kress spindle – see the Spindle section of the professional router machines for more details on the Kress spindle.

The interface with the machine is the same fully integrated software solution that we offer for all our CNC routers. For more details see the software section of both the STEPCRAFT and Professional router options were you will find detailed descriptions of the different software components as well as a video showing the process from design through to part machining.

In our opinion it is easier and more productive to have the CAD/CAM and machine controller system all installed locally on one control PC to make the journey from idea/shape through to part machining as smooth, hassle free, and most importantly quick!

Main machine features and specifications summary
  • Stiff frame construction with professionally machined aluminium gantry components.
  • High voltage stepper driver axes | rapid feeds well in excess of 1,000mm/min. Rapids can be ran at 10,000mm/min | we recommend 6,000mm/min and machining at up to 3,000mm/min (depending on application).
  • 25mm diameter hardened round guide rails on X an Y axes. 20mm on Z axis.
  • Ballscrew drives on ALL axes (required for full 3D machining | High speed 3D machining cannot be realised using leadscrews)
  • All drives outside of working area for protection against contamination from swarf and dirt etc
  • 24V DC no volt release industry standard control panel (A safety pre-requisite – absolutely required to conform with CE regulations – Despite the LCS machine is lower spec than the professional machines and not aimed for industrial applications – a machine of this size is still dangerous without a no-volt release circuit)
  • Full cable management in the cable chains – very important for the long term stability of machine operation
  • Adjustable height feet for levelling on uneven table
  • Large Z axis throat height and adjustable height of the motor mount – allows for long cutters – excellent for 3D machining
  • Fully integrated CAD/CAM and CNC control software (fully supported) maximum efficiency between design and machining – all on the one workstation with a live machine view. No USB flash drive transfer required.
JBEC LCS 4032 Spec
  • Repeatability tolerance (machine accuracy)
  • 0.02mm
  • Travel (4032)
  • 400 x 320 x 110mm
  • Overall Machine size (4032)
  • 860 x 650 x 610mm
  • Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface)
  • 120mm
JBEC LCS 6042 Spec
  • Repeatability tolerance (machine accuracy)
  • 0.02mm
  • Travel (6042)
  • 600 x 420 x 110mm
  • Overall Machine size (6042)
  • 1060 x 750 x 610mm
  • Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface)
  • 120mm
JBEC LCS 10580 Spec
  • Repeatability tolerance (machine accuracy)
  • 0.02mm
  • Travel (10580)
  • 600 x 400 x 110mm
  • Overall Machine size (10580)
  • 1460 x 920 x 610mm
  • Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface)
  • 120mm