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JBEC professional 1259012 CNC

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JBEC 1259012 CNC router

The JBEC 1259012 machine is the largest machine we offer in the professional series. The specificed travel is 1200mm x 900mm in X any Y. If your careful – you can realise up to 1350mm x 970mm. See below for some images and videos of the JBEC 1259012 CNC router. Please have a close look at all aspects of the machine and don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Specifications and Software

Please have a look here for images and videos of the JBEC 1259012 machine and then pay special attention to the technical specifications and software pages.

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Machine travel

1250mm (X) x 900mm (Y) x 125mm (Z). However if you push her to her limits you can get 1300mm x 960mm in the X and Y axes. Have a look here – you can see how the bed can be removed to allow for extra throat access for the Z axis.

CNC Router Spindle Options

The machine can be configured with either a single phase Kress spindle – or a 3 phase high frequency spindle (NOTE still running on a single phase supply – through a VFD)

Feed rates

We can machine at up to 4,000mm/min and in some cases higher depending on the materials and cutters used. An industrial production machine must be able to machine well in excess of 1,000mm/min and be able to support a high frequency three phase spindle.

Drive System

All our professional CNC machines run on ballscrews. Ballscrews are not “leadscrews”. Ballscrews are not “trapezoidal” lead screws. Ballscrews have circular grooved shafts with rolling recirculating bearing elements on the nut. Leadscrews are well known and are prone to backlash. See here for more information. While software can be used to eliminate “backlash” generated when using leadscrews/trapezoidal screws – we believe its best to minimise the backlash with hardware – hence we use ballscrews where backlash is at a minimum. The don’t wear out as quickly – are virtually maintenance free and are THE most accurate method of driving a CNC router.


We offer a fully supported, integrated complete solution. The CAD/CAM and control software we use can be installed on any Windows based PC/Laptop. We don’t believe is a disconnect between the machine and the system to generate the toolpaths. With our integrated solution you can design, setup and machine all from the one PC. This makes changes possible in seconds. No USB flash drive needed.

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Foamex machining samples
Birchplywood Tables
See below for a number of sample videos of the JBEC professional CNC system
See below for images of the JBEC 1259012 system