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JBEC professional CNC Enclosures

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JBEC CNC router enclosures

We can provide you with a fully enclosed system configuration for your machine. There are a number of interlock switch configurations available for all the machine sizes. Please enquire if you have a specific need in mind. The enclosures are available in both full Standalone versions – and table-top enclosed versions.

Door interlock configurations

There are a few levels of safety available on the door closing mechanism for the enclosures. The options are as follows

  • No interlock switch | A simple magnetic catch on the door can be provided
  • Passive interlock switch | Door switch wired in series with the safety circuit for the machine | Machine powers down when the door opens.
  • Active interlock | when the spindle is engaged the interlock on the door has a solenoid that actively locks the door closed
See here for the Standalone configurations setup
See here for the table top enclosure options