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JBEC Professional CNC routers

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JBEC Professional CNC router systems

Welcome to the section of the site dedicated to the JBEC professional CNC router machines. The professional machine series are high performance table top CNC router systems. The machine frames are built in a dedicated machine building factory in Germany and use only the highest quality parts and components. The core machine frame is the result of ongoing collaboration between StoneyCNC, JBEC and our German partners.

See here for some customer samples and case studies of the routers in use.

JBEC professional machines in action

The video here shows a general overview of the machines working on a variety of materials. Pay special attention to the material feed rates (speed of machining in X and Y) as this is a very important performance parameter when considering your machine. With a CNC router you want to be able to mill materials well in excess of 1,000mm/min. We rapid our systems at 6,000mm/min (we can run up to 10,000mm/min but recommend 6,000mm/min) and can machine at up to 4,000mm/min depending on the materials and cutters. We offer three phase spindles for production work (no brushes and heavier tapered bearings in spindle head – NOTE: Spindle still works on single phase supply) and more importantly the machine has the platform stiffness to support a three phase spindle option. If a machine cannot support a 3 phase spindle option – it is not an industrial spec production system. Please see our technical specifications page form more details about the machine.

Contact us with you application in mind

We like our customers to see exactly what they have in mind before they purchase a machine. We can organise a viewing at our workshops – or we can machine a sample for you and send you videos and images help you with your decision. See here and here for video examples. See here and here for photo examples. Once you have had a look around our site please contact us with your application in mind. Please see our technical specifications page form more details about the machine specifications.

Easy to use software

We don’t believe in a “disconnect” between the machine and the software used to interact with the machine. Therefore we provide and support a fully integrated software solution for our machines. One Laptop/PC can be configured to have all the CAD/CAM and control software combined on the one system. This way small changes or alterations in the machine toolpaths or part shapes can be carried out in seconds – no USB flash drive transfers required. Just quick and easy design, toolpath generation and machine parameter changes in seconds, all on any standard windows based computer. The nature of CNC is that you are always tweaking and changing and developing your strategies. We feel an integrated solution empowers this philosophy. The software we use also allows for a full screen live view of the machine position relative to the workpiece making it easier to both interact with, and setup the machine.
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Sample images of the machines

Please see below for some sample images from our JBEC professional series machines

See here for some customer samples and case studies of the routers in use.