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JBEC professional CNC Technical specs

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Technical specifications

Please have a read through the main features of the JBEC professional CNC router range. After the features, if you scroll down the page you can see technical specifications relevant for all three machine sizes. We see our professional range sitting at the top in terms of quality and performance in the table top CNC router market. Don’t take our word for it – have a good look for yourself and don’t hesitate to contact us.

See below for the main features of the JBEC professional CNC router.

Scroll down past the features to see the more detailed technical specifications applicable to all three machines in the professional series range.


All our machines are Ballscrew driven on all axes. Ballscrews are the most efficient method for providing motion to a machine in CNC applications and offer many advantages over trapezoidal or leadscrew drives. Ballscrews have comparatively much better efficiency and accuracy than leadscrews. Ballscrews demonstrate virtually no backlash. Backlash is where movement is lost due to play in the drive system during direction changes and can have poor effects on machine accuracy. Ballscrews have low wear and provide smooth clean movement and precision cutting over the lifetime of the machine. Ballscrews last longer than leadscrews/trapezoidal drives due to the absence of sliding friction between the nut and the screw. The result is the most reliable mechanical motion system on the market giving long term machine stability and reliability. This gives the machine excellent long term reliability and accuracy. Ballscrew drives are virtually maintenance free.


The core machine design is built by our professional machine builder partners in Germany with 30 years experience in building and constructing CNC machinery. The core frame is made of precision machined, internally braced box section and is all bolted together. There are no welded joints in the frame. The results is a very stiff torsionally rigid table top machine system. This gives the professional range one of the most stable frames in its class on the market. The precision machine frame provides exceptional stability and retains the machine performance over the machines entire lifetime. The result is a machine that even if standing on two of its four legs can maintain its performance. There is virtually no setup time once the machine is commissioned. The system will simply drop onto a bench and be ready to go. We do not offer a table top machine larger than this size as it can compromise the machine stability. Full 8 x 4 foot machines require a dedicated base or extremely careful setup on site if provided in table top configuration (not recommended)


We use only top of the range industry standard motion control equipment for our machines. The motors and drives are tuned for a high voltage DC system to provide excellent torque and machine power. All the machines come with industrial motor drives, high torque motors and run on 48V DC power supplies. The 24V DC no-volt safety circuitry provides the interface between the user and the machine. This is required for CE certification and to protect you. This isolates the user completely from the 230V feed for extra safety whilst also providing protection against accidental machine startup. A production spec machine is dangerous without a no-volt release start-up circuit. All our routers are fully supported with a USB controller with full windows certification on all versions of windows XP,7 and 8 (32bit and 64bit OS). See here for a demonstration of the performance from our USB motion controller. We can rapid move our machines at up to 10,000mm/min. However we recommend 6,000mm/min. We can machine at up to 4,000mm/min depending on the materials. An industrial spec router should be able to move well in excess of 1,000mm/min in all work-piece materials.


We supply and support our machines using a windows based machine controller. The machine controller coupled to Cut2D, VcarvePro and Cut3D from Vectric allows for a fully integrated CAD/CAM and Machine controller to be installed on any windows PC. Compatibility with other CAD/Graphics packages is also good – as STL files can be imported directly into Cut3dD and DXF files can be directly imported into Cut2D/VcarvePro. Therefore the full journey from design, to toolpath generation through to part machining is carried out on one integrated control solution (no need for slow and cumbersome data transfer on USB flash drive). This allows for quick and easy changes and keeps the design and toolpath generation close to the machining process. UCCNC (the machine controller) has a live view of the machine at all times relative to the workpiece position. This significantly helps with the machine setup and general machine operation.


Often a restriction on a table top CNC router machine is the limitation of the Z axis height. Our machines have a travel of 125mm and a throat height (Z axis fixture to Tslot surface) of 150mm. We can make you a custom spindle mount to allow for increased flexibility in the spindle height relative to the workpiece – see here for images of a spindle mounted at different heights. Alternatively you can remove the Tslot bed from the machine frame and increase the Z throat capacity. See the image here for a demonstration and see here for more information. This allows a long aspect ration workpiece to be machined on one end – like for example a control box that needs cable gland mounts. As the part is clamped down through the machine the Z throat can be as large as is needed, provided the part can fit down through the machine frame.

Comparative Machine Dimensions

See below for detailed comparative travel, sizes and weights of the three machines. Scroll further for detailed technical specifications

JBEC 604012 CNC router Spec
      Standard Travel (604012)    600 x 400 x 125 mm
      Advanced Travel(604012)    660 x 420 x 125 mm
      Overall Machine size (604012)   1030 x 780 x 990 mm
      Machine Weight (604012)    70kg
      Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface)    150mm
JBEC 106512 CNC router Spec
      Standard Travel (106512)    1000 x 600 x 125 mm
      Advanced Travel(106512)    1060 x 660 x 125 mm
      Overall Machine size (106512)   1430 x 1045 x 990 mm
      Machine Weight (106512)    120kg
      Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface)    150mm
JBEC 1259012 CNC router Spec
      Standard Travel (1259012)    1250 x 900 x 125 mm
      Advanced Travel(1259012)    1300 x 960 x 125 mm
      Overall Machine size (1259012)   1680 x 1315 x 990 mm
      Machine Weight (1259012)   200kg
      Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface)    150mm
Detailed Technical specifications

See below for detailed technical specifications specifications applicable to all the JBEC professional CNC router machines.

Technical Specification Description Spec
Repeatability tolerance (machine accuracy) 0.02mm
Rapid feed rates 10,000mm/min rapid feeds possible – 6,000mm/min recommended
Machining rates  Up to 4,000mm/min depending in materials and cutters used
Motor spec High torque stepper motors (servo option available please enquire)
Machine Weight (604012) 70kg
Passage Height (Height between Z axis fixture and Tslot surface) 150mm
Machine Bed  Tslot aluminium with 4 clamps
Main machine features and specifications summary
  • Extremely stiff blue powder coated box section frame construction
  • Same box section construction used for the gantry tower design for extra rigidity
  • Ballscrew drives on ALL axes (required for full 3D machining | High speed 3D machining cannot be realised using leadscrews)
  • All drives outside of working area for protection against contamination from swarf and dirt etc
  • 24V DC no volt release industry standard control panel (A safety pre-requisite – absolutely required to conform with CE regulations – a machine like this designed for industrial applications is dangerous without it)
  • Full cable management in the cable chains – very important for the long term stability of machine operation
  • Adjustable height feet for levelling on uneven table
  • Large Z axis throat height and adjustable height of the motor mount – allows for long cutters – excellent for 3D machining
  • Fully integrated CAD/CAM and CNC control software (fully supported) maximum efficiency between design and machining – all on the one workstation with a live machine view. No USB flash drive transfer required.