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Large format JKR CNC router

JKR Large format CNC routers

3050 x 2050 CNC router system (JKR3020)
2500 x 1300 CNC router system (JKR2513)

  • 750W Delta Servos
  • HIWIN rails
  • HIWIN ballscrews
  • Steel frame
  • Full vacuum system
  • Fully automatic tool change system
Full ATC system

Fully automatic tool changing 4kW spindle with ISO 30 toolholders

  • 5 ISO 30 tool holders
  • 4kW tool change spindle
  • Multilevel sensing of tool states
  • Pre program all tool offsets
  • Fully automated machining
  • High quality Italian spindle
  • Tool changer comes fully configured
Heavy duty steel frame

Heavy duty steel frame.

  • 4-6mm wall thickness steel
  • HIWIN rails for linear motion
  • Rotating ballnut on the Y axis
  • Rotating ballscrew on X and Z axis
  • All ballscrews fully covered
Custom multi axis machines possible

Rotary axis for decorative works

  • Custom sized rotary cutting side table
  • Heavy Duty for larger heavy workpieces
  • Full control of the rotation of the part
  • Very detailed decorative work possible on round workpieces
  • 4 Axis CNC machining on a large scale