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What can AMOS DESIGN LTD offer you?

AMOS DESIGN LTD can offer you a look at our CNC systems and what has been achieved with our systems in real product development applications or can offer you a full suite of in house CAD/CAM and production services and design advice in the UK.

AMOS is not a sales rep for us. AMOS is a client with whom we are now collaborating with based on our mutual service and product offerings

AMOS can offer the following

  • Full CAD and Design services in a variety of applications
  • Full CAD CAM and machining processes for 3D printing, CNC milling and CNC turning
  • Manufacturing services in the form of both short production runs and fast first prototypes and designs.
  • The ability to go from idea to reality in a vert short time frame (sub 1 week) due to the in house capacity
  • Testing and evaluation of a prototype design
  • An on site demo of our machines systems working in real world applications and materials

StoneyCNC have teamed up with AMOS DESIGN LTD to help offer extended 3D CAD and manufacturing services in the UK together with a more in depth understanding of what our machines can do for you and your business. Our collaboration started with AMOS’s need for an aluminium 3D machining system to enable much faster product design cycles when compared to outsourced partners. A year later and AMOS has had a Mill-it-Mini, now has a Mill it MEGA and also has a STEPCRAFT and CNC lathe supplied by SoneyCNC. Below is a look at what has been enabled by our collaboration.

3D CAD to prototype part in days

AMOS has a jig and fixture system setup in house on the Mill-it-MEGA. 6 and 7 series aluminium is often used to prototype hooks and clips as part of one of AMOS’s product development projects. with this system a full 3D aluminium prototype can be made, tested and validated in a matter of days for a client. the images shown here were carried out on the Mill-it-Mini

Mechanism validation

Often a new mechanism of assembly needs to be evaluated for form and function to ensure correct operation. Especially when space is at a premium and strength cannot be compromised. AMOS design and makes a variety of brackets and frame components for climbing equipment, Motor cross and MTB type applications. The combination of additive and machining capacity allows Amos to make very complex shapes quickly.

Custom 3D foam inserts for product testing

Often flexible components such as foams when used for wearable items require shape and form validation. For example backs. Validation of form and shape requires iterative variations to maximise the ergonomics. AMOS can prototype in 3D in house in foam for shape testing and form validation. This eliminates the need for complicated alloy die’s being made for one off prototypes. The result is a significant reduction in the time to test a part variant and a large reduction in the cost to make each iteration.