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Mill-it-Mega CNC milling machine Specifications CNC milling specs
Travel in X Y and Z axis 700mm x 320mm x 250mm
Carcass build configuration Welded steel frame, heat treated, filled with polymer concrete resin and datum skimmed on VMC
Tslot table size Anodised Aluminium Tslot table 1000mm x 250mm, Tnut type M6, Very high quality Aluminium Tslot table.
Overall footprint 800 x 1300mm (With the table in the middle)
Bottom of collet to Tslot table height 250mm – Travel brings collet to the Tslot table
Rapid Feed rate 3,500mm/min (58mm/sec) High acceleration rates of 350mm/sec/sec possible depending on what is loaded on the table. This allows very fast 3D prototyping in Aluminium. With the servo upgrade 10,000mm/min and higher achievable.
Spindle Options 750Watt (Er20 collet) | 2kW (ER25 collet) | 3KW (ER32 collet) (Three phase required for the 3kW spindle) All models very high quality spindles fully balanced. ATC options available on demand.
Spindle RPM and torque All spindle have full stated power at 12,000-24,000RPM. All fully software controlled for on/off and speed in RPM.
Machine Weight 250kg – due to very heavy stiff carcass filled with polymer concrete resin.
Software Compatibility Ethernet connectivity to UCCNC controller
Drive system Electronics 75V DC Nema 34 4NM stepper motors (Very high speed Delta servo options available)
Limit and homing sensors Highest quality IP67 homing sensors fitted. Sealed high quality PUR cable routed the limit switch cables to the controller and they run on 12VDC. Very robust.
Control System Machine comes as standard with full controller system with integrated 3 Axis and spindle control – carcass only available on request
Linear motion system Profiled linear rails all mounted on Datum surfaces precision CNC milled.
Coolant Fully compatible with the Fogbuster sprayer system and can be configured to run flood coolant also