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UCCNC Software

The Mill-it-Mini is fully compatible with the UCCNC control software. We use this software on all our CNC systems. For more details on the UCCNC Click Here and also Click Here

Learning the Basics

We have a full set of videos and complimentary PDF manuals to help you get to grips with your Mill-it-Mini.

Please watch the below videos to get a flavour of the levle of help and support you will get. We have documented every step from start to finish to help you see how easy it is to start machining!

Plugging in and powering on

This video shows you how to plug in your machine to your control box and power up the machine for the first time.

CAD CAM package

This video takes you through a step by step example of a toolpath from basic drawing through to toolpath generation for the Mill-it-Mini

Actual part machining

This video shows you how to import the toolpath created in the previous step. The video shows step by step how to setup the machine and run the toolpath using the UCCNC control software.

Homing and Limits

There are three limits switches on the Mill-it-Mini. One on each side of each axis. You can use these as reference switches for more advanced functions likes soflimits and offsets. the video shows the homing / reference feature of the machine.

Limit over-ride

If you jog the machine over the limit switches then the switch logic will trigger the UCCNC and the machine will stop. This video shows you how to over-ride the limits and jog back away from the limit switch.