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TECH SPECS of the Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine

Have a detailed read and look over the technical specs of the Mill-it-Mini desktop CNC controlled milling machine below.

Accuracy and Performance

Watch the video of the Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine to see actual drive performance without any backash software compensation.

  • Watch the video here to see actual drive performance
  • Each axis is cycled through a 9mm stroke
  • No backlash compensation settings were used
  • The axes were calibrated and then tested
  • The video shows actual mechanical drive performance
  • All three axes are shown to be within 0,01mm
  • Read below to see how to achieve this performance
NEMA 23 Motors

We offer the Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine system with 1NM and 2NM NEMA 23 motors

  • Motor removal is hassle free and fast
  • The motors are IP54 rated with fitted cable-glands
  • Significantly improved cable management and motor protection
  • Motor replacement takes 2 minutes
  • Future upgrades to closed loop systems made easy
Custom precision machined motor mounts

The motor mounts that couple the stepper motors to the ballscrews in the Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine are custom cast LM25 parts and precision CNC machined before installation. All Datum surfaces are made on CNC machining centre

  • A vertical machining centre (VMC) machines all datum surfaces
  • The motor mount holes, motor seating profile, structural mounting holes and thrust bearing insert pocket are all machined in one operation on the VMC
  • This ensures precision alignment between the motor, coupler, ballscrew and slides.
  • The motor seating profile machining ensures radial motor alignment
High siffness core frame design

The Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine’s core carcass is an LM 25 cast base with a Steel spine.

  • Custom designed LM25 cast base
  • All mounting surfaces precision machined
  • Welded steel spine – optimally welded for symmetrical cooling of weld joints
  • Steel spine and cast base form a rigit core machine structure
Double contact thrust bearings

In order to generate high milling forces you must lock the ballscrew in the direction of movement. The Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine has two double angle contact bearings on each axis.

  • Ballscrew is custom machined to sit in a double angle contact thrust bearing
  • The outer race is held with a preload in the custom cast mount
  • The result is a very rigid end condition
  • 100% isolation of the motor from the feed force during machining
  • Thrust setup ensures no unwanted play or mechanical movement whatsoever in the direction of movement
Height adjustable 43mm mounting collar
  • The spindle mount is a 43mm mounting collar
  • Aluminium collar can be moved to change the height position of the spindle on the Z axis
  • Allows long cutters and work pieces to be accommodated
  • compatible with most 43mm mountable CNC accessories
Ballscrew drive system

A ballscrew is the best method for drive performance in a CNC milling machine and the Mill-it-Mini has a ballscrew on each axis.

  • The Mill-it-Mini is driven in all three axes by ballscews and ballnuts
  • A ballscrew drive is the most effective, efficient, and accurate way to drive a CNC system
  • The results is a drive system able to maintain positional accuracy when under machining loads down to 20 microns (0.02mm)
  • Ballscrews are very sensitive to alignment and setup. All the mounting surfaces are machined as datum surfaces on a precision vertical milling machine.
  • Therefore all alignment surfaces are made to very tight tolerances ensuring the ballscrews and ballnuts are perfectly aligned
  • Please Click Here click here and see the section on ballscrews for more information
High power industrial electronics

The control system controlling and driving the Mill-it-Mini Desktop CNC milling system is a very high spec industry standard controller.

  • These controllers and drives are industry standard and have been in our systems for years
  • The controller has a no volt release safety circuit – required for CE
  • EMC mains AC filter and industrial standard connectors fitted as standard
  • You can use the same control system as we use in the Mill-it-Mini to run a half sheet sized CNC router system
Industrial grade software and controller

We supply the Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine with very robust and easy to use control software.

  • The video here shows the machine operation tutorial under UCCCNC control
  • The UCCNC controller is a fully windows compatible USB controller
  • We use the UCCNC controller on all our systems
  • Reliable, robust, and symmetrical pulse train generation for the motor amplifiers
  • The UCCNC software, USB 2.0 controller, and the industrial drive electronics give the Mill-it-Mini commercial production spec performance