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Mill-It Range – The Mill-It-MEGA-Overview

Fully servo driven ATC model available

– 400W AC servos
– 6 ISO 30 tools
– Fully automated tool changing
– Machining at 10,000m/min possible
– High power automated machining possible

Introducing the Milll-it-Mega

The Mill-it-Mega is ready for release after 2 years of development driven by customer feedback. The high performance Mill-it-Mega CNC milling machine is now available for pre-order. This machine is designed to make Aluminium prototypes fast and accurately.
The machine has been specifically designed to machine Alloys such as Aluminium fast. With high RPM’s and high power spindles coupled to high feed rates the Mill-it-Mega can prove a really interesting tool for rapid material removal rates and part cycle times. The Mill-it-Mega CNC milling machine is especially to machine aluminium and plastics.