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Professional CNC Router Dust Shoe

Fixed position dust shoe

We have been working with a number of different designs and have converged on this model for our fixed position dust shoe. The main aims when integrating this system were as follows

  • Easily removable without any tools. Magnetically fixed in place was the best solution
  • Easy access to the collet for a tool change with the main dust shoe fixture in place
  • Management of the duct / extraction pipe at all times
  • Adjustable height of the shoe level relative to the workpiece
  • Efficient removal of swarf from the cutting zone
  • Easy replacement of the brush strip itself
Dust shoe performance

The shoe can be adapted to suit most sized duct / extraction systems. The advantage of a system fixed to the gantry as opposed to the spindle itself is that the brushes are always preventing swarf from moving away from the cutting zone. The radial flow from the cutter and collet are the main contribution to swarf being forced over the machine bed. the fixed shoe with constant brush height prevents this from occurring.