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Safety Tips When Using A CNC Plasma Machine

Keeping yourself or your workers away from harm should be a primary focus in any working environment. The Stoney CNC plasma machines have been amongst the most effective cuttings and milling tools, and that is why you need to know the best way to protect yourself and your employees when using them.CNC plasma

Here are some safety tips you should know.

1.A safe working environment

Before you go to how you should dress to make sure you are protected, you need to make sure that the environment on which you are operating a CNC plasma machine is safe. The machine should be wired and fixed by an expert, most preferably an experienced electrician. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation because of the fumes exposed during the working process. Also, make sure there is a rubber mat for the workers to step on while working.

2.Gear up

From head to toe, you need to make sure that you are protected from the sparks. For the face make sure you at least have safety goggles that have a side shield plus a helmet. Ideally, you can use a face shield to help protect the eyes from the bright light emitted by the machine. Use flame-resistant clothes and gloves for the body. Heavy denim or cotton are great for shielding the skin from sparks. Your workers should make sure they have rubber gloves on top of their welding gloves to keep them safe from shock. For your feet, high-quality leather boots will do.

  1. Always follow the basics

Most CNC plasma machines come with a guide or a manual with fundamental ways of handling the machine safely. Make sure you read your manual well and always refer when in doubt to avoid getting into high-risk situations that you would have otherwise avoided. It is also advisable to use an experienced instructor to help your workers know how to operate the machine safely.

At Stoney CNC we have a significant focus on customer care and after sale support. This is one safety tip that you should make use of. We offer great guidelines to make sure that you are safe and have full access to help whenever there is a need. We also help in installation of the machine and so no need to pay an electrician to do this for you. With these, you will be safely good to go.

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