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The STEPCRAFT 840 is now the largest STEPCRAFT machine and has all the improvements of the V2 machines.

S840 Machine size and dimensions specification Spec
      Table clamping surface S840 (biggest workpiece X and Y dims)    615 x 920 mm
      Machine Travel S840    600 x 840 x 140 mm
      Overall Machine size S840    960 x 750 x 400 mm
      Machine Weight S840    31kg
      Passage Height (height between top of bed and bottom of Z axis fixture    175 mm
      Feed Rates    3,000 mm/min (50mm/sec)
STEPCRAFT V2 Improvements
      The frame build and rigidity of the machine has been improved. The aluminium uprights are thicker, the ball screw spindles are thicker, there are now 4 brass rollers on each drive system, The X axis bridge has been increased in cross section.
    Each brass roller bearing and shim combination are individually fitted at STEPCRAFT prior to packing into the machine kits. This results in a play free system out of the box with minimal tweaking
     The machine is now powered by 30V DC as opposed to 19V DC. The drive torque/power of a stepper motor is strongly related to the applied drive voltage. As such the speed the machine can run as is greatly improved. The rapid stable feed rate of a well tuned STEPCRAFT 840 machine is 3000mm/min.
     The cable management is now “through” the machine frame and under the machine instead of towards the back of the machine in a plastic pipe