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STEPCRAFT Machine accessories


This accessory can turn your CNC into a plotter. Its also a great way to get started in CNC as you can use the pen to test your toolpaths without having to actually machine your parts.

3D printer

The 3D printer system can be used to transform your STEPCRAFT machine into a 3D printer. Please go to the “3D printer section” in the STEPCRAFT menu for more information

Hot wire cutter

The hot wire cutter is compatible with the full travel range of the 420 machine (it is not compatible with the full travel range of the S600 – you can still use the module on the S600 but you cannot realise the full travel). The hot wire module can be used to cut foam to shapes defined controlled by the same software used to carry out CNC routing operations.

Extraction adaptor

The extraction adaptor mounts around the spindle head and comes with an associated tube to route the dust and swarf away from the machine. Connection of the extraction adaptor to a hoover is a great way to keep the machine clean and tidy.

Tslot bed

The Tslot bed adds extra stiffness to the machine bed. Especially in the S600 size. The Tslot bed also allows the bench vice, 4th axis and tail stock to be bolted down easily.

Bench Vice

The bench vice is best used in conjunction with the Tslot table. It can be easily bolted to the Tslot table and can be a very handy way of clamping work to the machine bed. It is best suited to smaller parts (not sheet materials)

4th Axis Module

The STEPCRAFT machine can be configured with a 4th axis for more advanced CNC operations. The 4th axis module can be secured to the bed. The 4th axis system requires an extra control card for the machine and we recommend getting the tail stock also to secure the non supported end of the workpiece. Contact us for some more details if your interested in the 4th axis module.

Vacuum tables

We provide a range of vacuum tables specific to each of the machine sizes. Have a look at the video for more specific demonstration of what a vacuum table can do. Basically its a very quick and efficient method of clamping the work to the machine table.