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Welcome to STEPCRAFT Desktop 3D systems

StoneyCNC are the exclusive point of contact for STEPCRAFT systems in the UK and Ireland. We have coupled our easy to use software and comprehensive documentation to the now established and very popular STEPCRAFT CNC system. If you purchase with us you get access to first class support via email and phone should you have any issues. You will not find anyone who can support their product better than us – just talk to our customers or have a look at the STEPCRAFT forum

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Machine configurations | Kit form DIY

The machine can be purchased as a flatpack machine kit where you use the fully illustrated 3D instructions to build the machine yourself. The Build of the machine is complimented with detailed step by step video tutorials to help you get the machine built and configured with all the help you need.
Here at Stoney CNC, we have hundreds of machines in the UK and we have a lot of experience helping people build their machines. If you have any issues at all – you can call use to get English speaking support at any time.

From paper to the CNC system in minutes

We supply the STEPCRAFT machines with their own WinPC starter software. This software is very basic and limited. However – it provides a gentle introduction to machine movement and setup with introduction tutorials. Currently there is minimal cost saving by not taking winPC Starter so we offer it as standard. A common path with customers is to start with winPC starter and move to the UCCNC after first steps. To get the most out of your STEPCRAFT you need to opt to use the UCCNC Gcode controller. We offer full support for UCCNC control of the STEPCRAFT machines. Every step from software setup through to machining a part is 100% documented with video and supporting PDF manual. Watch the video here (right/below) to see the level of detail we provide in the support pack. And if you have any problems we will remote login and solve the issue for you remotely. We have a very high emphasis on provision of timely and compressive support to all our users.

Write up in RCME-2014 magazine reviewing the STEPCRAFT system

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“I built that all on my own! The self-assembly
Stepcraft 420 represents a very entertaining
and satisfying day’s work. What’s more, the
quality of the product is superb. It really is a
beautifully made bit of kit.” Pete Lowe

See here for some samples from the manual