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Handcraftedgenius have started using CNC to add to their range of products. The STEPCRAFT system is currently adding a bit of spice to the Handcraftedgenius offering. Check them out. Really cool stuff. Wonderfully finished.

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Foam Cutting Samples

This test was carried out for a customer who wanted to use the system to machine foam inserts for cases for industrial equipment. The project had an increasing number of custom parts lists and configurations. The result was the foam inserts were almost all different. Therefore a STEPCRAFT is now used to make the foam case inserts instead of outsourcing each case.

Idea Tracker out of 4mm ply
Carbon fibre cutting samples

We were asked could a STEPCRAFT system machine carbon samples in order to generate test specimens for their carbon process. The unit requirement for the tests is low and therefore the stepcraft is a possibly tool to use to make carbon fibre test specimens. The samples here were machined on the STEPCRAFT. The two samples were 2mm and 6mm carbon fibre sheet.

Custom Clock
Sign Making