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STEPCRAFT Specifications

STEPCRAFT specifications INTRO

The STEPCRAFT machine is a 3 axis CNC system. The machine can be controlled (using associated software) by a computer (any standard PC based system – Windows XP,7 and 8) to create designs drawn and composed by you – the CNC user.

Any shape can be composed on the computer in any standard graphics/CAD package (illustrator, CorelDraw, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Google sketch, TurboCAD up and many others) and the shape can be imported into special easy to use software to allow the machine to re-create your design in a variety of materials.

All the STEPCRAFT CNC router systems can be configured as a desktop 3D routing system (using the Dremel / Proxxon spindles), as a 3D printer (using the 3D printer head as supplied by STEPCRAFT), as vinyl cutter (using the Drag Knife) and as a foam cutter using the (using the hot wire module).

Once you are proficient in the basics of CNC operation – it will transform the way you approach design and making forever.

Modular Desktop 3D CNC system

The system is modular fully reconfigurable. The 43mm collar is compatible with all the STEPCRAFT accessories. Therefore the machine can be reconfigured from CNC router – to 3D printer – to Vinyl cutter – to Foam cutter.

Available in Kit and assembled forms

The machine is available in flat-pack version where you are provided with all the parts in a neatly packed box. Fully illustrated 3D instructions are provided to help you with the build. The manuals are very similar in concept to the LEGO Technic manuals many of you may be familiar with.

Software and operation

All machines come as standard with WinPC starter. Win PC starter is a basic intro software package and is a good starting point – However with basic functionality and no live view of the machine position, WinPC starter it limited.

We recommend using the system with UCCNC – which is a full CNC controller. This allows the machine to be controlled with Gcode (which is needed for the 3D printer). The Gcode compatibility opens up the options and allows Cut2D, Vcarve, PhotoCarve and Aspire from Vectric to be used. See for more details.



Using the STEPCRAFT systems and tools a variety of materials can be machined. Examples are materials like wood, thermoplastics (PS (polystyrene, such as Styrofoam ®, EPS, Depron ®, Selitron ®), ABS, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene eg EPP) Weich-/Hart- PVC, Lexan ®, polyamide, Plexiglas ®), some elastomers / thermosets, mixed materials, such as DIBOND ® or electronic boards, to Carbon / Carbon. Light work on non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass or copper) can be carried out with careful attention to the machine parameters.

The most important aspect of compatibility with materials is to be aware of the machine capability and use the correct tools and machine speeds. The STEPCRAFT system is NOT a big heavy milling machine so this must be kept in mind.

Custom Designed Aluminium profile

STEPCRAFT have designed their own Aluminium extrusion profile. The profile acts as a support for the bed,  holds the drive covers, provides the linear slide track and maintains the machines torsional rigidity.

Assembly components

All machine connections and assembly points are made from Aluminium, stainless steel and High quality components.

Fully Adjustable Drives

The X, Y and Z axis carriages are fully adjustable and can be tuned to be movement free without any machine disassembly. A single hex head bolt can be used to adjust the each axis drive system individually.

Ballscrew Drives with Solid nuts

Ballscrew drive screws (spherical grooves) running inside solid plastic/brass screw nuts. Very accurate and strong (more accurate than leadscrews)

Hinged Drive Covers / Protectors

Hinged protective inspection covers on the Y axis to keep the drives clean but to also allow for easy access for maintenance of the rolling elements.

STEPCRAFT V2 Improvements
      The frame build and rigidity of the machine has been improved. The aluminium uprights are thicker, the ball screw spindles are thicker, there are now 4 brass rollers on each drive system, The X axis bridge has been increased in cross section.
    Each brass roller bearing and shim combination are individually fitted at STEPCRAFT prior to packing into the machine kits. This results in a play free system out of the box with minimal tweaking
      The ballscrew spindles brass end condition supports have been replaced with bearings and a brass nut machined to high tolerance runs along the ballscrew spindle acting as the drive system
     The machine is now powered by 30V DC as opposed to 19V DC. The drive torque/power of a stepper motor is strongly related to the applied drive voltage. As such the speed the machine can run as is greatly improved. The rapid stable feed rate of a well tuned STEPCRAFT 840 machine is 3000mm/min.
     The cable management is now “through” the machine frame and under the machine instead of towards the back of the machine in a plastic pipe
S300 V2 Machine size and dimensions specification Spec
      Table clamping surface S300 (biggest workpiece X and Y dims)    222 x 380 mm
      Machine Travel S300    210 x 300 x 140 mm
      Overall Machine size S300    430 x 345 x 410 mm
      Machine Weight S300    13kg
      Passage Height (height between top of bed and bottom of Z axis fixture    175 mm
S420 V2 Machine size and dimensions specification Spec
      Table clamping surface S420 (biggest workpiece X and Y dims)    312 x 500 mm
      Machine Travel S420    420 x 300 x 140 mm
      Machine Weight S420    15kg
      Overall Machine size S420    552 x 440 x 510 mm
      Passage Height (height between top of bed and bottom of Z axis fixture    175 mm
S600 V2 Machine size and dimensions specification Spec
      Table clamping surface S600 (biggest workpiece X and Y dims)    432 x 680 mm
      Machine Travel S600    600 x 420 x 140 mm
      Overall Machine size S600    737 x 558 x 510 mm
      Machine Weight (S600)    19kg
      Passage Height (height between top of bed and bottom of Z axis fixture    175 mm
Technical Specifications (All Machines) Value
      Repeatability    +/- 0.1 mm
      Max Feed Rate (linear speed in X,Y and Z    3,000 mm/min
      Drive system    Ballscrew threaded drives with solid ballscrew nut (more accurate than leadscrews)
      Linear slides    Special Aluminium extrusion and brass rollers (running on rolling element bearings)
      Motor Type    Nanotec STEPPER motors
      Head/Spindle mounting system    43mm collar with adaptor for Dremel, Proxxon and reduction to smaller diameters
      Machine Bed    HPL scratch resistant bed (removable) Tslot bed available
      Colours    STEPCRAFT orange, Aluminium, white
      Supply Voltage    100V – 230V AC 50Hz
      Motor operating voltage    30V DC
      Machine motor power consumption    90W
      Interface    USB (see software options)