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SYMBIOSIS | Bridging the gap between router and milling machine

Often router users like to use their machines to cut aluminium. Largely built out of aluminium frames, a CNC router has limited capacity to product a quality finish on Aluminium.

The CNC routers enemy when cutting aluminium is the main carcass stiffness. The SYMBIOSIS machine is an affordable Hybrid machine that can produce milling and routing performance in one package.

SYMBIOSIS can carry out all the typicla routing operations. However under the bonnet SYMBIOSIS is very different. The heavy duty steel frame, 20mm HIWIN rails, 16mm ballscrews and fixed bridge design means the machine produces milling machine stiffness when milling aluminium

Tech specs

The SYMBIOSIS router mill hybrid has the following specifications

  • High torque stepper drive system | Rapids of 8000mm/min possible
  • 2kW QTC spindles supported
  • 600 x 400mm travel in XY
  • 150mm of Z throat access | 120mm of travel
  • Ballscrews on all axes
  • HIWIN rails on all axes
  • Very high rigidity steel frame
Full steel frame for maximum stiffness

The machine weighs almost 200kgs. The steel used is thick walled box iron and laser cut plate. You will not find a stiffer small format CNC platform

Full ballscrew drive system

The only non ballscrew CNC system in our commercial machine range is our plasma cutter. All routers and milling systems run on full ballscrews. The Symbiosis machine is available in a pitch 10 and pitch 5 ballscrew configuration.

Heavy duty HIWIN profile linear rails

The Symbiosis machine is built on heavy duty HIWIN profiled linear rails. The profiled linear rails are one of the best linear motion system for machine stiffness.

The rails provide the highest level of system accuracy and stiffness to allow quality surface finish when machining alloys.