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The AXIOM Precision range of CNC routers

StoneyCNC brings Axiom to UK and EUROPE

The STONEYCNC spec AXIOM router system is bringing small format affordable professional CNC technology to your workshop!!

The AXIOM is available to order to the UK and the rest of Europe exclusively with STONEYCNC and associated partners..

StoneyCNC | Axiom precision

Here at StoneyCNC we have been looking for an affordable professional small format CNC router to sit as a stepping stone to our range of JBEC models in their larger sizes. Additionally the AXIOM 4ft x 4ft Elite machine is a result of a focused development of a system geared around half the 8ft x 4ft sheet.

STONEYCNC have teamed up with the guys at AXIOM to bring you the AXIOM CNC systems exclusively to the UK and European markets.

As with all our machines, we are not a box-to-box company. We do not simply pass on a machine in the specification the OEM supplier dictates. We pay special attention to the client and to their needs and we supply a configuration to suit these needs.

With Axiom this is no exception. Based on our extensive experience with over 1000 CNC installations in the UK alone we have configured the AXIOM machine to best suit the UK and EU market.

Check out our track record across the internet and you will see we provide unmatched world class support.

AR small format CNC series routers

The STONEYCNC spec AXIOM AR small format CNC series routers are the answer for affordable professional CNC routing. The small format series come in 3 sizes and with 2 spindle configurations.

  • Aluminium Tslot table and MDF spoil board fitted
  • Vacuum table systems available
  • Stiff steel core carcass frame
  • Cast up-stands rigid and aligned by design
  • Inductive proximity sensors on XY and Z
  • Ballscrew drives on XY and Z
  • Supported linear rails on XY and Z
  • Full robust cable management system on XY and Z
  • Industrial controller fully supported on UCCNC
  • Ethernet connectivity between machine and control PC
  • 5000mm/min XY travel rapid feed
  • Industrial electrical connections between machine and controller
  • Offered with KRESS or high powered AXIOM HF spindle
  • Travel sizes | 610mm x 610mm | 915mm | 1220mm
  • Click Here for more specifics on the AR small format range
AXIOM AR16 Elite series

The AXIOM AR16 Elite series is an affordable fully standalone machine based around the 4ft x 4ft travel specification. The machine runs on high powered AC servos.

  • Aluminium Tslot table and MDG spoil board fitted
  • Fully standalone steel core carcass frame
  • 20mm Ballscrew drives on XY and Z
  • Supported linear rails on XY and Z
  • Full robust cable management system on XY and Z
  • 8000mm/min XY travel rapid feed
  • High powered HF water cooled spindle
  • Travel size 1220 x 1220